Watch a montage of Marvel Cinematic Universe action set to the popular song “Get Low” from Mr. Kr.

Producer Peter Safran says Aquaman‘s comedy style will take cues from the laughs in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The cast of Dark Phoenix talk about what’s in store for fans in the new X-Men movie coming next summer.

Even if the Venom sequel brings the violent Carnage into the fray, it likely still on’t end up being R-rated.

Apparently Bruce Willis‘ superhero codename in next year’s Glass is The Overseer, which seems unnecessary.

In a recent interview, Bradley Cooper admitted that he thinks Thanos somewhat has a point with his plan.

What is the best way to chomp on a human head? The stars of Venom have some of the best advice for you.

David Ayer threw his support behind Warner Bros. decision to hire James Gunn to direct Suicide Squad 2.

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