In the true sense of Fashionably Geek, this Etsy page has instructions to crochet a Wolverine costume.

Unique Daily links to a list of the Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Comics.

Man in Hulk mask robs Hamburg bank:

Hulk Rob Bank In Hamburg! Thanks Boing Boing!

Red Bubble has this cool Elmo/Hellboy t-shirt available.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, things aren’t looking too good in regards to the pilot for Powers. It didn’t get picked up and may, or may not, need reshoots.

Some superhero characters are just begging to be made into collectibles and the Destroyer from Thor is one of them. Head to Sideshow to pre-order this impressive, expensive, piece.

The Radio Dead Air guys do a video review of the Wonder Woman TV pilot. Spoiler alert. They hate it.

Don Cheadle spoke to Access Hollywood (via CBM) about progression on Iron Man 3.

At one point, designers like Julie Farrell were designing a Steampunk Batman game based on Gotham by Gaslamp. It never happened. Read more at Kotaku.

The Dark Knight Rises…destined to fail? Read this essay at Video ETA and share your thoughts.

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