Avengers Trilogy Box Set Mistake

Early box art for The Avengers trilogy movie pack mixed up the logos for The Avengers and Infinity War.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer continues to play coy about whether Spider-Man is in the movie or not.

Here’s how you can build your own custom LEGO Batmobile from Tim Burton‘s 1989 big screen adaptation.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says they measure a film’s success on more than high box office numbers.

Avengers Infinity War Box Office Infographic

Marvel Studios released this infographic to brag about just how big of a hit Avengers: Infinity War was.

Comic Book Resources looks back to figure out when Batman was first referred to as The Dark Knight.

If Black Panther had an opening in the style of an anime TV series, it might look something like this.

Geoff Johns says the upcoming Titans series will explore that moment when Robin left Batman behind.

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