Deadpool 2 Fan Poster

Who are Will Arnett‘s favorite villains in The LEGO Batman Movie? How much would it cost to be Batman in the real world? Which Game of Thrones actress has expressed interest in playing Catwoman? Does The LEGO Batman Movie have too many characters and not enough Batman? How did Kaecilius take over a church in Doctor Strange? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

This Doctor Strange promo shows Benedict Cumerbatch visiting a comic shop on the last day of shooting.

Will Arnett talks about his favorite villains in The LEGO Batman Movie, as well as some non-Batman villains.

Green Lantern

Comic Book Resources runs through 15 things that you maybe didn’t know Green Lantern‘s power ring could do.

A new synopsis for Justice League has been revealed that’s slightly different from the one we had before.

This mash-up of Fifty Shades Darker and The LEGO Batman Movie from Jimmy Kimmel Live is pretty lame.

Joe Maganiello says that he has already started katana training for his role as Deathstroke in The Batman.

Deadpool 2 Fan Poster

One fan on Reddit decided to create a Deadpool 2 poster that pays tribute to Ryan Reynolds’ thriller Buried.

Captain Marvel co-writer Nicole Perlman talks about the pressure of writing the first female lead for Marvel Studios.

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