Will Liam Neeson appear in The Dark Knight Rises? Want to see some rejected movie posters from Tim Burton‘s Batman? How about a cartoon showing The Caped Crusader at Occupy Wall Street? Is Catwoman sexier as a drawing or cosplayer? Is Iron Man‘s Hulkbuster costume ever going to appear in the Marvel films? When can you see Smallville‘s Lois Lane playing Wonder Woman? And what do you call a bear with what seems to be a bat symbol on his chest? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Liam Neeson spoke to MTV and said he can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises, but won’t comment if he appears in the film or not.

We all know Batman, but Reddit has found a photo of Batbear!

The asshole who stole the Superman collection of a mentally challenged man was sentenced to six years in prison.

Batman is the 1% in this Dorkly video.

As much as comic books have influenced movies over the past few decades, literature has made its mark on comics. Topless Robot lists their top 10 comic characters inspired by literature.

Cosplayer Milla Bishop dresses at Catwoman. We all melt. Thanks to Geeks are Sexy.

What Culture lists the top 5 Garth Ennis comic books. If Preacher isn’t number one those guys are out of their m….wait, it is.

Tightrope-walking the line between funny and creepy, here’s Spider-Man and friends at a kid’s birthday party. Thanks to Buzzfeed.

Marvel concept artist Adi Granov spoke to Bad Taste (via Superhero Hype) about his work on upcoming Marvel movies and though he’s coy about those, he does talk a bit about the Hulkbuster and Iron Man:

In the first movie we had the Iron Monger, the idea for him came from the Hulkbuster. ?I did a cover with the Hulkbuster in it. Jon Favreau liked that design and asked me to draw something similar to it for the Iron Monger. So technically the Iron Monger is the Hulkbuster, and that I think is why for a while we won’t see it in a movie. It would only be yet another Iron Man big type of armour.

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