Batman v Superman Video Essay

Justice League will see Batman and Superman have an argument about who’s the leader of the team.

Comic Book Resources counts down 15 X-Men stories from the comics they’d like to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A new promo for the midseason return of Arrow next month reveals a little bit of a spoiler for the series.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s second season will have them trying to stop George Lucas from quitting film school.

Here’s a clip from the midseason premiere of The Flash showing a clash between Barry Allen and Kid Flash.

A robbery was committed by someone wearing a Black Panther mask. Authorities call him the Comic-Con Bandit.

How many things does Cinema Sins count as being “wrong” with 20th Century Fox’s R-rated Deadpool.

Heroic Hollywood picks 10 DC Comics TV shows they want to see, from The Question to Wonder Twins.

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