The Dark Knight Rises was filming on the 59th Street Bridge in Manhattan this weekend and io9 points us to this set video.

Comic Book Movie has a rumored description of The Dark Knight Rises prologue that will be in front of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol next month. It seems pretty far fetched because it basically takes everything we thought would be in the movie and puts it into the first few minutes but, maybe this is Nolan’s way of messing with expectations. Below is an excerpt, head to CBM for the full detailed write up:

Batman is still trying to get away, but it’s at this point that Bane has “chased” him into a corner (he just walked), and the only place Batman has to go is through an open door and up some enclosed stairs that are built into the side of the tunnel. He feebly attempts to climb them, leaning heavily on the handrail.  The suspense continues to build as Bane merely watches Batman try to regain his composure. Bane [says] (as he’s still walking towards him and watching him climb the stairs): ‘What exactly is it you’re running from? We both know where this is headed………. Bruce.’

And while that whole thing seems pretty far fetched (do you really think what they say happens, happens in the first ten minutes?) this description of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character from Cosmic Book News via (CBM) seems to fit with it. Much more at the link:

Those early reports of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character working with the League of Shadows are false. Blake is one of the more pro-active police officers who wants to fight Bane’s mercenaries, but no police officer will stand up to them after Bane put Gordon in the hospital.

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