On November 29, the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on TV and Comics Beat (via Blastr) pointed out that the new outfits have a superhero theme.

Gamma Squad posted a new gallery of Batman themed cosplay.

An 82-minute fan film called Superman Requiem premiered this week on Open Film (via Geek Tyrant). It’s not embeddable but you can click the above image to head over there and check out trailers and the film in its entirety.

In 2012, Cartoon Network will start airing DC Nation, a sort of block of different shorts set in the DC universe from different content creators. One of the shorts premiered during the Green Lantern Animated Series this weekend and it’s a Batman short by the geniuses at Aardman, done in the style of Aardman’s early Creature Comforts shorts. Check out that video above and head to Superhero Shows for more info.

Rich Page did this impressive Iron Man sculpture, found over at Toy Cutter. Looks a bit like the Iron Giant, too.

My Confined Space doesn’t know where the image came from, but it shows Batman and Superman in a whole different light.

Jesse Wilson, who designed the final Captain America: The First Avenger poster, spoke to WNewsJ (via CBM) about what that process was like.

Matt Ferguson created a bunch of minimalist movie posters including this one for The Avengers. See more posters and maybe even buy a few at his site. Thanks to Super Punch and Deviant Art.


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