stranger things season 2 hopper digging

Hopper Is Digging

In the next look we get of Hopper, he seems to be thrusting a shovel into the ground. What is he digging for? Could it be that he is in search of Eleven? He couldn’t be trying to dig to the Upside Down, right?

stranger things season 2 flamethrower

A Real Ghostbuster?

A person dons a yellow suit with what looks to be some kind of flame thrower. Is this a real life “Ghostbuster?” It’s very likely that the sinister government agency that was hiding under the guise of the US Department of Energy laboratory is still conducting their experiments, and we are seeing a bit of that here.

stranger things season 2 will experiment

Will Is Now the Experiment

We get a glimpse of a closed-circuit monitor showing Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in a doctor’s office. At the end of the first season, Will was secretly vomiting up weird slug creatures and having flashes of the upside down. It looks like his mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) has taken him to get medical attention, but the question is: does she know that the Department of Energy might secretly be behind this doctor visit and using Will for their intentions? Notice the date on the timecode is the day before Halloween 1984. The holiday took place on Wednesday that year so this is the day before we see the kids at school in their Ghostbusters costumes.

stranger things season 2

The Department of Energy

We cut to a shot further back revealing what we had assumed: this is not just a security camera in a doctor’s office but very likely a secret facility operated by the sinister Department of Energy. The other monitors show nothing of particular interest, just different hallways and corners of this facility.

stranger things season 2 wills drawing

Will’s Drawing

We see a shot of Will agonizing over his visions of the Upside Down, followed by this shot of one of his drawings. We know that the Demogorgon has been killed but there are bigger and more dangerous monsters lurking in the Upside Down. Notice the red sky in the background.

Will Answers the Door

Will goes towards a door, and we see the same red sky through the cracks. The shot is clearly an homage to one of my favorite shots in Steven Spielberg’s movies — the boy at the door in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, seen at right.


Red Lightning

We get a better look at the red-colored lightning that we saw in the arcade shot.

stranger things season 2 monster

The Monster

The flash of lightning illuminates for a brief second a monster standing on six or seven legs over the trees of the Upside Down version of Hawkins Indiana. The monster looks like something out of H.P. Lovecraft or Eldritch Horror. It also looks a bit like Louise Bourgeois’s sculpture Mother, and reminds me a bit of the aliens from Spielberg’s War of the Worlds as well as the monsters from Stephen King’s The Mist. And yes, we know that Stranger Things season one took a lot of inspiration from King’s books and movies.

Now let’s just hope that this creature doesn’t have the ability to cross over to the right-side-up real world, like the Demogorgon did. In the first season of Stranger Things, the kids were battling the thessalhydra in their Dungeons and Dragons game and some fans think this new monster might resemble that creature. In D&D, the hydra reproduces by infecting hosts with larvae and has many heads which regrow when they are cut off. Of course, the Demogorgon was not a direct adaptation of the D&D creature, and we shouldn’t expect the same for this monster. In fact, some articles have theorized the Thessalhydra would be the Upside Down baddie for this season long ago.

If you’re looking to delve further into the mysteries of Stranger Things season two, check out our previous speculation over the announced episode titles.

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