Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

A villainous looking hooded figure walks through a snowy forest. Most are theorizing this is Adam Driver as the movements do sort of look like this. However, it could hypothetically be someone like Lupita Nyong’o. The character limps as he (or, potentially, she) walks through the trees.

The voice over comes back: “The dark side…and the light.” There definitely seems to be an emphasis on “Dark side.”

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The character ignites a lightsaber.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The crossguard on the lightsaber also has beams coming out of it. The saber looks very different than the lightsabers we’ve seen thus far in the Star Wars films. It looks more like a flame or fire. This saber is angry. The cross-guard could be more of an exhaust system than a guard, we don’t know.


Then we see the first new shot of the Millennium Falcon, as the ship roars away from camera. This leads into a very dynamic shot in which the camera follows the Falcon as it twists and loops above the desert landscape.

This sequence is one we’ll see in full IMAX resolution when the film opens in December 2015.

Below, you can see the new rectangular radar that replaces the old dish on the ship, which was broken off in the second assault on the rebuilt Death Star in Return of the Jedi. (As seen starting at about 6:11 in the video below.)

The contrails seen here are a nice touch, too.



A great shot of the Falcon silhouetted against a bright sky.


But this isn’t just a fancy shot. It’s a real evasive maneuver, as we see that the Falcon is tangling with a couple of TIE Fighters.




We don’t actually see the Falcon fire back. So what’s the story with this dogfight? Could this be early in the film, and result in John Boyega’s TIE being shot down, leading to the scene we see at the beginning of the trailer?

As the TIEs pass, we get the title. The film’s subtitle revolves into view after we get a shot of the classic title treatment. That original title fade in is one of the many visual callbacks to previous films in the series, but it is interesting to realize that we don’t see any Original Trilogy actors. This trailer focuses on new characters and actors, and even the droid is new.


And the all-important release window.


As this fades, we hear a faint lightsaber powerdown sound effect at the very end.

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