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This morning, Disney and Lucasfilm released the first trailer for JJ Abrams‘s Star Wars: The Force AwakensYou can watch that awesome trailer here, in case you haven’t seen it already. (Or if, like me, you want to watch it over and over again.) And for those of you who really want to take in all of the visuals revealed in the first Star Wars Episode 7 teaser trailer, we have compiled a batch of high resolution images from the film to let you take in all the awesomeness one image at a time. Hit the jump to see the Star Wars The Force Awakens photos now.

Update: We have added a Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer commentary video after the jump.

Condensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Commentary:

This post contains a ton of information, but we have condensed the best of it all into a trailer commentary for Star Wars: The Force Awakens recorded by David Chen. Watch that below, but also check out the rest of this post for more geeky details like does “Daisy Ridley’s character have a lightsaber on her speeder bike?”

Note: The trailer was released in both 2D and 3D.

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” asks a voice, which we think is probably Andy Serkis. We don’t yet know yet what role Andy Serkis plays in The Force Awakens. Some other fans are theorizing that its Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been consistently rumored as having a part in the new film.

Star Wars The Force Awakens sand planet

We see a sandy desert planet — it could be Tatooine, or it could just be another planet in the galaxy that looks the same.

John Boyega Star Wars: The Force Awakens

And then a stormtrooper pops up into screen, he is sweating with his mask off but still in full uniform. Don’t let that Imperial Stormtrooper armor fool you. This is one of The Force Awakens lead characters, played by John Boyega. As far as we know he is a good guy. This shot also tells us that the Galactic Empire did not fall after the epic Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi — three decades later they are still around.

Star Wars The Force Awakens sand planet

Boyega’s character looks frantically around. What is he looking for? He seems to be in duress. We believe he crashed on this planet.

We hear an Imperial Probe Droid transmission sound at 00:23-:25. Is Boyega receiving a transmission or is an Imperial Probe Droid nearby?

We then start hearing trumpet music, very reminiscent of the Sarlacc Pit score. This is new John Williams Star Wars score.


Notice the new back of the Stormtrooper armor, it is smoother and more modern looking — instead of a modular back plate it appears there is a magnetic attachment.

Another note pointed out by a reader:

Check out that Lost opening here.

Star Wars The Force Awakens ball droid

Star Wars The Force Awakens ball droid

We then see a new droid, rolling along on what appears to be the same desert planet. We will call him Ball Droid for now. He is incredibly cute and seems to be emitting R2-like beeps and bloops. Reportedly, this droid belongs to (or was created by) Daisy Ridley’s character. We’ve heard that she’s a scavenger of sorts.

In the background we see what appears to be abandoned engines. Could they be podracer engines? They certainly look like it. The green one on the left looks kind of like Gasgano’s and the rusted one the right sort of looks like one owned by Ratts Tyerell. Neither is exact though, as Episode I was decades ago. If they are podracers, this could be more evidence that we are on Tatooine. The sport is also big on Malastare, however, which has deserts and lakes. We know that Episode 7 shot on locations with both sand and water.

Star Wars The Force Awakens stormtrooper

The light flashes as we are now inside a ship filled with Stormtroopers. This is our first official look at the new streamlined modern-looking Stormtrooper helmet. Also, notice they’re all different heights. Each one of these troopers is an individual. The third one from the right is noticeably shorter than the others — is that a visual nod to a specific idea from the original Star Wars?

Star Wars The Force Awakens stormtrooper blaster

One of the stormtroopers readies his blaster. It seems to be a more advanced form of the classic ‘trooper weapon.

stormtrooper blaster comparison

Here is a comparison between the Stormtrooper E-11 blaster from the original trilogy and the one seen in the Force Awakens trailer.

Star Wars The Force Awakens stormtroopers

The door to the transport ship opens as a squad of Stormtroopers prepares to face the other side.

It almost looks like the dropship is over or looking out on water, but it may be just a trick of the light and some exhaust from the ship.


Star Wars The Force Awakens stormtroopers

What’s on the other side? We don’t know. It is very dark although we do see some lights.


What are these details in the background, beyond the edge of the ship?

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