knights of the old republic

The Stories Can Take Place Anywhere in the Timeline

Kennedy confirms that “the stories can fall pretty much anywhere on the timeline.” We could see Star Wars stories set in the far past (Knights of the Old Republic anyone?) or Star Wars films set in the far future (probably less likely), or a Star Wars film like Rogue One which will take place almost directly before the events of A New Hope. There are unlimited options and Kennedy happily states “there is no strict guidelines for what we’re doing.”


Everything Will Be Connected By the Lucasfilm Story Group

The purpose of doing away with the expanded universe was to make it possible for all these stories to really exist in the same universe. Kennedy explains:

George allowed that expanded universe to really go its own way. And some of it was extraordinary and really well done. And some of it, less so. But it didn’t follow any narrative structure and we felt with all of the development that was going to go on in all these different areas, [that] would make things too chaotic. And we didn’t abandon it because we thought something was wrong with it, we abandoned it because it had gone in too many different directions without any oversight by George, and that’s something we’re trying to rectify. So the concept of the expanded universe is similar to what we’re continuing to do, but within a bit more structure.

And more structure means that everything will be connected, from the movies, to animated TV shows, to books, to even theme park attractions:

What’s brilliant about what Kiri Hart is doing inside the story department is, we’re really looking at everything we’re doing. Our story group looks at and gets involved with animation, anything we’re doing with games, anything going on with theme parks, anything thats happening with publishing, even certain things inside DCP. We are very closely tied to any of the narrative storytelling in those divisions because that does have to make some kind of sense. We don’t want something heading off in some direction that completely undoes what was setup in another story.

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