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Not Being Developed to Create New Franchises

Another thing that surprised me was that Kathy says that the Star Wars Story standalone movies “are not being designed to necessarily build new franchises.” So don’t expect to see a Han Solo sequel in development; these are standalone stories that as Kennedy says will “very definitely have a beginning, middle, and end.” Of course, I assume if a movie did monster box office, a sequel could still happen.

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The Standalone Films Won’t Just Be Prequels or Stories About Characters We Know

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm and the new saga and standalone films were announced, it seemed to me that the Star Wars Saga films were going to follow the legacy characters and follow the events/story we know about, and the Star Wars Anthology films would focus on introducing new characters and new stories in this galaxy. But so far it seems like the opposite. When I mentioned this to Kathy, she was quick to interject:

No, no. It just so happens to be Rogue One is the precursor to New Hope and yes, this Han Solo idea but I would not argue that we are setting up any kind of prequel notion with these standalone movies. I think that’s so far just coincidence. And to be perfectly honest, we have changed the order of those at the last minute, so that’s not the intention at all.

Did you catch that last sentence?

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Is the Boba Fett Movie a Sequel?

That last sentence is really interesting because the only film we know about that was affected by that last-minute order change is the Boba Fett movie, which was supposed to be directed by Josh Trank. We have heard two definite things about that film from good sources: it involved Boba Fett in a primary role and it was to be some sort of space “western.” We could speculate that Kennedy might be saying that that film was not a prequel as many people assumed.

The Star Wars 1313 video game was secretly a prequel story showing young Boba Fett’s rise to become the infamous bounty hunter we know from the original trilogy. Many assumed that when that when that video game was canceled, it was a sign that Lucasfilm would explore the story in the rumored Boba Fett film. But maybe that movie is actually not a Boba Fett prequel, but instead a Return of the Jedi sequel story?

Last we saw Boba Fett in the movies was in Return of the Jedi, when the infamous bounty hunter fell into the Sarlacc pit and was assumed dead. Fans have spent three decades theorizing about the bounty hunter’s fate. Lucasfilm historian J.W. Rinzler says that George Lucas once told him that Boba Fett survived the events of Return of the Jedi: “Yes, he does. I have been in meetings with George where he confirms that Fett survived. If it comes from George then it’s true!”

But not so in this new universe where the Lucasfilm Story Group, not Lucas, controls the future of the franchise. Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo said at Star Wars Celebration that “Boba Fett is both simultaneously alive and dead in the Sarlacc pit until a story pulls him out.” Years ago we even pegged that as one of 10 Star Wars mysteries that the Star Wars standalone movies could potentially explore.

It also should be noted that the new Journey to the Force Awakens novel Star Wars: Aftermath showed someone buying Boba Fett’s armor. How did the armor find its way out of the Sarlacc pitt? Did scavengers reclaim it or did the infamous bounty hunter escape?

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