Rogue One Will Feature More Droids

R2-D2 Builders Club members and Star Wars fans Oliver Steeples and Lee Towersey had their dreams come true when they were hired to create new astromech droids for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now it seems they’re already hard at work on Star Wars: Rogue One. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that R2-D2 is in the Star Wars Anthology film, because the duo worked on a variety of astromech droids in the new film in addition to our favorite feisty droid.


Will Rogue One Set Up the Knights of Ren?

The above image has been making its way around the internet, suggesting that Rogue One‘s group of soldiers might later become the Knights of Ren. Adam Driver has said that the Knights of Ren “was a group that existed before” [Kylo Ren]. Some of the weapons look the same, but even Rey has a staff. Sure, this one looks more like the one we saw in the Knights of Ren shot from The Force Awakens, but it seems like it could just be a coincidence. And besides, Edwards has said Rogue One won’t feature any Jedi or Force powers, which pretty much rules out this theory, assuming the Knights of Ren are Force-sensitive.

Jabba's Palace

Will Jabba the Hutt Appear?

Special effects wizards Neal Scanlan and Chris Corbould, the lead creature designer and special effects supervisor on Star Wars: The Force Awakens respectively, recently spoke at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts event and revealed that a certain iconic villain may be returning to the big screen. Scanlan, whose next project is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, suggested the potential resurrection of a certain slimy crime boss:

There is a huge amount of secrecy around all of the films and we never really know exactly what the characters are until way way down the line. We have heard rumours of all different characters coming back and I had heard Jabba The Hutt, but to be honest I cannot confirm that one way or the other, It is certainly not on the cards quite yet.

Seems like a weird quote, especially from some people creatively working on the film.


Could Rogue One Feature Star Wars’ First LGBT Character?

Star Wars canon got its first LGBT character in the form of Moff Mors, who made her debut in Paul S. Kemp‘s novel Star Wars: Lords of the Sith. And it has been rumored that Moff Mors might appear in Rogue One. Here is a description of the character:

Moff Mors is an Imperial who has made some very serious mistakes but she is an incredibly capable leader and spends much of the book working hard to prevent absolute failure. She also happens to be a lesbian.

neal Scanlan creature shop Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What Can We Expect in Terms of Alien Creatures?

Rogue One creature designer Neal Scanlan has revealed that director Gareth Edwards wanted a different flavor of creature than J.J. Abrams:

In the world of ’Force Awakens,’ there was a real mixture of all different kinds, very much like the original Cantina sequence. Working with Gareth now on ’Rogue One,’ he sees these aliens as being much more part of the human [world]. They co-habitate, they work together and so it’s pushed us very much to create characters that are more realistic.

Unlike most of the 110 creatures that were built for The Force Awakens and only appeared onscreen for a few seconds, Scanlan says that the aliens of Rogue One frequently play a vital role in the plot and required a new level of detail and realism:

They move more realistically, they’re able to emote more than maybe the characters that we did for ’The Force Awakens.’ So they’re a closer part of the storytelling. They’re less of the world, and they’re more of this group who have a mission, and play a part in that.

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