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Lines to See the Movie Will Be a Cultural Event – Odds vary

Since the very first movie, Star Wars and lines have been synonymous. Who can forget the iconic photo above, Homer spoiling the end of The Empire Strikes Back on The Simpsons or the classic Triumph the Insult Comic Dog skit featuring yours truly? However, since 2005, online ticketing and assigned seating at movie theaters have become exponentially more popular. There isn’t really a need for lines anymore. But some theaters don’t have assigned seating and Star Wars fans love community. Even though there won’t be a need for it, odds are there will be some lines and those lines will draw attention. It’s just a question of where.

Odds –  5:1 overall; 2:1 at the Ziegfeld in New York and TCL IMAX Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

lupita nyongo star wars 7 hat

Lupita Nyong’o Is a Mo-Cap Character – Odds 1:2

I guess, technically, you might consider even this possibility a spoiler. But we dont know anything about the character specifically. We just feel using a recent Oscar winner in a performance where we may or may not see her face seems like a pretty interesting conversation. As for the odds, the more I hear, the more I hear the odds of that happening are very, very good.

the Death Star

The First Standalone Is About Death Star Plans – Odds 3:1

Gareth Edwards is directing, Gary Whitta wrote the first draft and now Chris Weitz is writing. Those are the facts about the 2016 Star Wars standalone movie. As for the plot, /Film reported on very good authority it has to do with some kind of band of pirates or bounty hunters stealing the plans for the first Death Star. However that remains, officially, unconfirmed. It’s up for debate and we may end up being wrong, but I don’t think so.

Josh Trank Fantastic Four

Josh Trank Is Still Directing the Second Standalone – Odds 3:1

This may be a surprising one. Josh Trank was officially announced by as a director on a standalone movie. Producer Simon Kinberg has talked about it and everyone who is anyone will tell you he’s still attached. But the buzz among the blogger crowd is that when filming starts on the second standalone, which hypothetically hits theaters in 2018, it won’t be Josh Trank behind the camera. We could be wrong, but that’s the buzz.

Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Ren
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will Set Major Box Office Records – Odds vary

In terms of box office, the two most prestigious records are largest domestic opening weekend and worldwide overall. At the moment, The Avengers holds the former ($207.4 million) and Avatar ($2.79 billion) holds the latter. So can Star Wars: The Force Awakens beat one or both of those? It has lots going for it – it’s 3D, IMAX, has very soft competition for the majority of its release, and several years of inflation on both those films. There’s no doubt it can, but it’s not going to be easy. People just don’t go to the movies as much anymore.

Odds – Opening Weekend Record 3:1, Worldwide overall 6:1

There are five more sets of odds to discuss, but the are all potentially massive spoilers. Only continue reading if you are up on potential spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

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FINAL WARNING. Everything on the next page will discuss moments that may or may not spoil major, major plot points of Star Wars The Force Awakens.

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