Star Wars Land

When Will the Star Wars Lands Open to the Public?

This is one of those questions we don’t know the definitive answer to. The Star Wars Land teaser trailer ended with “Live Your Adventure at A Disney Park Near You…. Coming Soon”. But when is “soon”?

Not So Soon: At the Disney Parks and Resorts presentation, Parks & Resorts chairman Bob Chapek said “Now lands of this scale and detail will obvious take some time to create. And we know they have to be great but our ambition is up for the challenge.” This makes it sound like it could be a ways off. Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican has heard that “they have flexible timeline” and “don’t want to lock in with an announcement and then have to postpone.”

Construction Will Begin By 2018: Disney has officially commented that construction on Disneyland’s Star Wars Land would start no later than the end of 2017.

Star Wars Land

How Long Can We Expect? Cars Land took 5 years from announcement to opening, and as we pointed above, is a similar size of construction.  Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s 20 acre Diagon Alley expansion took just over two years to complete, which is an amazing timetable. I’ve heard the difference between Universal and Disney construction is that Disney tends to employ 9 to 5 construction workers where Universal has construction crews working 24/7. This is why Universal completes their work in at a rate of speed almost three times that of Disney. I’m sure this is a lot more costly, and Disney could take this avenue if they were in a rush to open Star Wars land, but there is no indication that will happen. So if construction begins in mid 2017 in Disneyland, I would expect a 2022 opening date.

Will Both Star Wars Lands Open at the Same Time? I expect one of the two theme park lands will open first, likely the Disney Hollywood Studios version as they have already started to clear some of the way for new construction. Construction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios could begin much sooner than Disneyland’s and thus could open sooner. That said, Disney did open the new Star Tours only two weeks earlier in Orlando, so it could have a duel opening (which would save a lot in the marketing budget — promoting two different parks for the price of one).

Star Wars Land

Could Star Wars Land Offer Alcoholic Beverages?

Its very possible, at least in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Orlando theme park already serves adult beverages, so its probably likely they will offer some kind of unique Star Wars universe alcohol offerings. Because remember, everything in this land will be themed, nothing will be out of story — so don’t expect to be able to buy a normal Budweiser.

But Disneyland Doesn’t Serve Adult Beverages yet. Disneyland officially responded to a fan on twitter asking if the Cantina in Star Wars Land would serve alchol. Disneyland responded that “Disneyland park does not serve alcohol” but added “Stay tuned for more details about Star Wars Land.” So it doesn’t seem like a definitive statement. When Walt Disney created Disneyland, he decided it would not serve alcohol, except for in his private club, Club 33, which still operates in the park. But neither did Magic Kingdom, until they recently introduced adult beverages in the new Fantasyland restaurant Be Our Guest. In fact, Disneyland recently built a new private dining space called 21 Royal Street where Club 33 members can drink. I think its stupid to think Disneyland will never serve adult beverages in the park, its not a matter of if they ever will, its a matter of when. There is too much money to be made in this area and I can’t see the company going another decade as a dry park. Star Wars Land might be the perfect opportunity to introduce the concept of adult beverages outside of Walt’s classic lands.

Bob Iger and Star Wars Land at D23 Expo 2015

Anything Else?

Have any questions we may have missed? Any details we may have overlooked in the announcements? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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