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Third Star Wars Standalone Film Announcement/Reveal?

You might recall that originally Fantastic Four/Chronicle director Josh Trank was scheduled to direct the second Star Wars standalone movie. We had heard from many reliable sources that the project was a space-set spaghetti Western starring Boba Fett. Trank infamously no-showed at the last Star Wars Celebration in the Future Filmmakers Presentation, and left that project shortly after. Disney still has a third Star Wars anthology movie set for TBD 2020, but we don’t now if it will be this Boba Fett project or something else. Is it possible that the third Star Wars standalone movie will be revealed at Celebration?

While the project had been in development for years prior, the Han Solo standalone movie wasn’t officially announced until July 2015, three years before the film’s scheduled release. If we look at that timeline, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any information about the third Star Wars anthology film scheduled for 2020.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns to Canon in Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Many fans were upset that the Star Wars Expanded Universe was removed from canon to make way for the future of the Star Wars movies, TV shows, books, novels, games, and experiences, all of which would be connected and canonized. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds — the old stories were given the “Legends” label, which means that Lucasfilm and the creators of new Star Wars content can work collaboratively with the Lucasfilm Story Group to decide which characters and aspects might fit in future stories.

The Season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels teased that there is “always a bit of truth in legends” and showrunner Dave Filoni has teased that the upcoming third season of the series will likely feature a Legends character or storyline. Many fans believe it will be Grand Admiral Thrawn from Heir to the Empire from Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire, the first novel in the beloved “Thrawn Trilogy.”

The first two episodes of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will be screened on Saturday at Celebration and I think a Thrawn appearance is very likely. And I’m sure we’ll get a tease about Ahsoka’s fate.

Star Wars Episode 8

Don’t Expect Episode 8 Footage Or A Teaser Trailer

Star Wars Celebration 2016 will be heavily focused on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which makes sense as it’s the next film to be released as part of this franchise. But even that film is five plus months away from release, whereas Star Wars Episode 8 won’t be in theaters for over 500 days. That’s a long, long time. So don’t expect to see any footage from Rian Johnson’s film. It’s possible that we could see some behind-the-scenes footage, but I just don’t see that happening.

Remember the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer didn’t come until just over a year before the film’s release — and that is earlier than we usually see a trailer. The behind-the-scenes reel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 was screened only five months before the film hit theaters. Let me say this again, we are over 500 days out — don’t expect any footage.

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What Do You Think?

What are your predictions for Star Wars Celebration 2016?

Could Kathleen Kennedy finally announce a live-action Star Wars TV series?

What did I get right and what am I wrong about?

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