General Hux actor Domhnall Gleeson told IGN that J.J. Abrams coming back to the franchise to direct Episode 9 is “very exciting for the fans of the film.” He doesn’t know (or at least can’t say on the record) if he’s involved with the final film in the Sequel Trilogy, but would clearly be happy working with Abrams again:

“And then with J.J., he’s a great director. I think that he did a brilliant job on the first one and it makes absolute sense why after they parted company with Colin that was the place they looked and I think it’s very exciting for the fans of the film that he’s back.”


Will The Last Jedi have a premiere a full week before its release? That’s what Variety says: that LA world-premiere will be on December 8. That’s a break from the last two years, when The Force Awakens and Rogue One both premiered just a few days before their release.

A new Star Wars show, “Science and Star Wars” debuted this week, with a look at real-life lightsabers with Ezra voice actor Taylor Gray. While Star Wars is definitely more fantasy than sci-fi, this look into the science of its exotic tech is still really cool.


The official Star Wars site has a profile on impressive wood worker Martin Creaney and his 6 foot by 5 foot wooden Millennium Falcon model. It’s an insane piece with an amazing amount of detail, and I want one. He’s also made an Imperial Shuttle, a Bowcaster, an AT-ST, an X-wing, and more.

JJ Abrams Star Wars

According to THR, Paramount isn’t too happy about Abrams reuniting with Disney.  The report says Jim Gainopulos, CEO and Chairman of Paramount is seeking “make-good money” from Disney for hiring Abrams when he’s supposed to put a film into production with the company; he is carrying a $10 million per year first-look deal with Paramount, and in 11 years has directed three movies and produced seven.

Darth Vader Star Wars A Toy Story


According to That Hashtag Show, Darth Vader will make an appearance in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (STILL not final title). They inappropriately used the word “confirmed” (that’s only when it’s officially announced, folks), but cite the fact that Spencer Wilding, who is the in-suit performer of Vader as of Rogue One, cut out of a convention for Star Wars-related filming, and an unnamed single source “close to the production” saying he was on set of Han Solo as Vader. We’ll give this rumor a flashing yellow light for the time being; hopefully every Star Wars Story film doesn’t have to rely on Vader.

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