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Captain Phasma became instantly iconic in the lead up-to The Force Awakens, but many fans thought that she was criminally underused. Although she appeared to fall to a grisly doom in The Last Jedi, many have speculated on her possible return, including Christie herself. “In truth, I don’t know. And that scares and upsets me because I really want to see this character explored. I’m actually very invested in the character now. And that’s genuine. That’s not just chat. It has opened up a chain of stories and events in my mind about who Phasma is,” Christie explained to The Times.

One of the most beloved parts of Star Wars canon was the Expanded Universe, an often esoteric world filled with a compelling cast. The books, video games, and comics that crafted a universe outside of the movies were sadly de-canonized after the Disney takeover. Slowly but surely, some of the characters we know and love have been returning to the screen, and as Leland Chee of the Lucasfilm story group has hinted, this might just be the beginning of an Expanded Universe resurgence.

Star Wars is known for its creatures, costumes, and character work…and also its cameos. In a recent interview with Graham Norton, Simon Pegg opened up about his role in The Force Awakens as the evil junkyard owner Unkar Plutt. Unsurprisingly, it was very sweaty for Shaun of the Dead under all those prostheses.

Star Wars Rebels Final Episodes

Exciting news for Star Wars fans! Lucasfilm is hiring an Episodic Director to oversee their animated properties. The entertainment powerhouse is looking for someone to “creatively oversee future animation development.” This is obviously a dream job for a lot of us, so you better apply right now! You can find the listing on Linkedin right here.

the last jedi rotten tomatoes backlash

As divisive as it may have been, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been confirmed as the highest-rated science fiction movie of the year by review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. We loved The Last Jedi, so you won’t hear any complaints from us.


Always wanted to wear R2-D2 on your feet? Quite a niche question, we know. But if that’s your particular fantasy, make sure you get your hands on these R2-D2 sneakers from Star Wars Addicts. The comfy casual kicks are inspired by the sassy droid and come in black or white soles!

Looks like everyone’s favorite pilot is also the first official canon meme in the Star Wars universe! Yup, as revealed by Twitter user kyleauxren, some of Poe’s friends made a pretend propaganda poster to mock the heroic hottie, only for it to garner actual interest from prospective new X-Wing pilots!

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