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I have to say, this is a particularly good edition of Star Wars Bits. Dare I say, it’s a must read. Let’s get right to it. Below, read about the following:

  • Watch how Ben Burtt created the sound for the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive failure.
  • Star Wars Rebels Season 2 will debut at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.
  • Sunday afternoon, Disney XD will air a video revealing new secrets of The Force Awakens trailer.
  • A Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser poster could be coming next week.
  • And while you wait, see some really awesome new Force Awakens fan art.
  • Disney’s ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue could get A Force Awakens upgrade.
  • An interesting piece of speculation about Luke Skywalker’s purpose in The Force Awakens.
  • Do the Force Awakens Topps card number match with the old Topps Star Wars cards?
  • What do the Star Wars: The Force Awakens names actually mean?

Eyes on Cinema uncovered this super cool older video of Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt talking about designing the sound for when the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive doesn’t work. Eight sounds were mixed to create it. So cool. revealed that the second season of Star Wars Rebels will debut at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April. Along with it, the full cast and crew will be on hand for multiple events and panels. Head to this link for more information.

If you haven’t seen Star Wars Rebels yet, a quick reminder that there are three marathons coming up this weekend.

  • Saturday, 12/13 (11:20am-4:00pm ET/PT) on Disney Channel
  • Saturday, 12/13 (4:00pm-8:30pm ET/PT) on Disney XD
  • Sunday, 12/14 (12:00pm-4:30pm ET/PT) on Disney XD

Now, that last one is particularly significant in that they say “After Sunday’s Rebels marathon, go “INSIDE THE FORCE AWAKENS” with Disney XD for official trailer secrets you may have missed. Disney XD’s Jacob Bertrand (“Kirby Buckets”) will reveal a few fun tidbits of the latest STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer.”

Can they really surprise us with something from the trailer we don’t know? I guess we’ll find out Sunday.

Speaking of surprise, JediNews reports Disney might reveal the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser poster next week . The timing would make sense with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies bringing people into theaters but this is unconfirmed. Star Wars teaser posters in the past have been things of beauty. If it does come out, you’ll see it here immediately.

Some truly awesome new Force Awakens fan art has hit the net over the last few days, as has been the case every day since the trailer came out. Here are a few of our favorite new ones thanks to Paul Shipper and the Poster Posse. Head to that link for more.

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