Rian Johnson is a fantastic presence online, and as the Jedi News recently reported he went onto Instagram and talked about how much he loved Solo. Though the stories are now gone, his quotes remain forever online! “I’d like to think I’d still be honest but it’s not like you’re going to come to my Instagram story for hard-edged film criticism on a Star Wars movie. See it though, it’s super fun. I should get back to writing. Jesus, what have I typed.”

It’s been a busy few years in the realm of Star Wars canon, but luckily as always Star Wars Explained is here to keep us in line! They’ve done a radical new video listing of Every Rebel, New Republic, and Resistance Starfighter that exists in canon as of May 2018 and it is GOOD STUFF!!

Pablo Hidalgo is the proverbial keymaster of all things Star Wars canon, and in this official video he gave fans a tour around Lando’s Millennium Falcon and it is a doozy. The video lets us get a glimpse of some of Lando’s collection of collectables that we don’t actually get to see in the movie itself, including a radical Podracer statue and a model of… Cloud City!

The Marvel Star Wars comics have done a great job expanding on the world created by the movies, and in as reported by Bleeding Cool Poe Dameron #26-27 we get to see Poe, Rey, and Finn hanging out with everyone’s favorite cuddly critters, Porgs. It’s nice to see the gang back together again as we’ve rarely seen them doing anything else than saving the galaxy.

Solo merch! Get your Solo merch! Yep, now you can get your fill of Solo merchandise at Disney Parks, including new shirts, pins, toys, and more! If you enjoyed the film then you need to be heading to your closest Disney affiliated funzone imminently.

Ever since Disney cancelled their Infinity game, we’ve gotten to see some of the cute characters that’ll never see the light of day. As reported by WDW News Today, there was a very cute K-2SO in the works! We love this sweet rendering of Cassian’s sassy bot buddy!

Joonas Suotamo has done an incredible job of taking on the mantle of Chewbacca from the iconic Peter Mayhew, and in this interview with The Verge he shares his experience of becoming Chewie, and it’s a truly great deep dive into the process of Suomato.

Who Could Play Young Lando Calrissian
Lando and Han have long been one of the most beloved ships in all of fan fiction, and Polygon did a fantastic writeup of the history of the fan fave coupling. It’s a great look at the burgeoning fanfiction community of the ’90s and the importance of creating our own representation when it’s not being delivered.

Chewbacca made an appearance at Florida’s Hollywood Studios looking for Solo riders to join him to celebrate Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the Disney Studios Twitter account shared this cute as a button video to celebrate it.

Lawrence Kasdan is an icon in the world of Star Wars, and his son Jonathan has joined him by co-writing Solo: A Star Wars Story. Jonathan released an “intro” to Solo via his Twitter account which is a personal look at his feelings about the movie and its making.

Rian Johnson’s been on Twitter again, this time answering some questions about Han’s gold dice which have become such a vital part of contemporary Star Wars lore. As many of us know, Johnson and J.J. Abrams conferred on parts of the The Force Awakens as they related to the The Last Jedi, but Rian revealed he felt like the gold dice worked without ever being referenced in Abrams’ Episode VII.

Did you catch the Back to the Future reference in Solo: A Star Wars Story? Well there is one, and it’s all to do with a little character called Needles… as Jon Kasdan confirmed in this tweet!

Collider sat down with Thandie Newton and Woody Harrelson, and caught what has to be one of the funniest and best interviews of the Solo: A Star Wars Story press season.

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