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According to Star Wars News Net, Visceral’s long-in-development Star Wars video game has undergone some radical changes behind the scenes. According to their sources, the game was originally a Han Solo game, but it’s story and characters have been changed now that a Han Solo movie is actually happening:

Long story short. Source A and Source B and I were drinking and Source A asked B what was up with the game and why it wasn’t out. I didn’t even know B was working on the project at this point. B said the games been redesigned (plot wise, the art and stuff while obviously improved is largely the same as its still the SW universe). A asked why, B said he got the vibe that it was because it was covering too much of the same ground as the solo film project. A said that made sense as (like I previously told you) he got the vibe the story parts of the game were actually being directed by people at Lucas Film and not the creative team. Now the game is about some random smuggler and a largely different plot. It sounds like some of the baddies may be the same but it’s largely a new plot. So now it’s a totally different project with similar themes.

darth maul comic

The cover for the third issue of Marvel’s Darth Maul comic book miniseries has been revealed and it introduces a pleasant surprise for fans. It seems that this story, set in the time before The Phantom Menace, will feature “a band of bounty hunters” and appearances by Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series should be happy to see these two again, both of whom became fan favorites thanks to their appearances on that show. It should be noted that Aurra Sing was on Tatooine during the events of Episode I (you can see her during the podracing scene), which means that she was on the desert planet at the same time as Darth Maul. Just how many times will these two cross paths? Anyway, this comic will also mark the first chronological appearance of these characters, which is pretty cool.

yoda comic

Speaking of Marvel’s Star Wars comics, Star Wars #27 flashed back to an early Yoda adventure, with the small-but-powerful Jedi Master encountering a strange “Force Stone.” This series has already featured a number of flashbacks to Obi-Wan Kenobi adventures, so putting Yoda in the spotlight was a nice change of pace. If you don’t want to track down an issue for yourself, Star Wars News Net has written a summary of everything you need to know.

If you’ve ever felt that more galactic conflicts should be resolved through Force-powered chess games, then just know that this animated short is for you.

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