Star Wars Shattered Empire 1

In September, Marvel’s new comic series Star Wars: Shattered Empire will start. This is a variant cover of the first issue. The story takes place immediately after Return of the Jedi.

Frank Oz made his first ever appearance at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends over the weekend and Inside the Magic has a full video of his Q&A session.

In a move that’s surely going to be discussed and scrutinized in the media, Gawker has put up a post saying that, if someone who is legally in possession of the script to Star Wars: The Force Awakens wants to sell it, Gawker will buy it.

Juan Esteban Rodriguez did this poster for Bottleneck Gallery. Follow their Twitter for release details.


Making Star Wars reports that the ship we see in the first Force Awakens trailer, the one that is carrying the First Order Stormtroopers, will appear in Rogue One. Their source says those ships are being repainted to make them look like they may have forty years earlier.

At a recent Star Wars Weekends talk, Peter Mayhew talked about the now famous black and white photo of the cast of The Force Awakens. However, Mayhew said something very interesting that could have several different interpretations. Apparently, Mark Hamill narrated the read, which suggests maybe his role in the film isn’t particularly big. Thanks to Making Star Wars.

A little bigger potential spoiler, Making Star Wars has a potential description of a scene that involved R2-D2, C-3PO and Finn all helping set up something major. If true, it’s a key scene explaining Finn’s importance to the Resistance. Read more at that link but beware of spoilers.

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