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Lots of cool stuff in this edition of Star Wars Bits. Lots of Episode VII, of course, but also some cool Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher quotes, new merchandise and even a George Lucas cameo. Below, read about the following.

  • Paparazzi spotted an interesting trio of Star Wars Episode VII principals on the street.
  • George Lucas doesn’t seem worried about the leaked set photos.
  • Check out the first Star Wars Hot Wheels toy.
  • Watch a full, 45 minute interview with Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekends at Disney World.
  • Billy Dee Williams confirms he has contributed to Star Wars Rebels.
  • Watch a new video about the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum.
  • Potential details of multiple Star Wars Episode VII sets are revealed.
  • See John Boyega in the Star Wars makeup chair.

Star Wars 7 News posted some paparazzi shots of Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams walking the streets of London with Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac. Now, maybe it was just three friends out to dinner, or maybe these two characters have a connection. What do you think?

A week after TMZ leaked a bunch of Star Wars Episode VII set photos, the same site caught up with the creator of the franchise, George Lucas. In a brief, 20-second on-street interview, Lucas told them the photos weren’t his problem and he’s retired. Head here to see the video.

Star Wars Hot Wheels

Star Wars Underworld posted this scan of the new Star Wars Insider which revealed the first Mattel Hot Wheels Star Wars cross over. This will be an exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con.

JediNews captured this great moment from a UK talk show where Carrie Fisher was asked if she’d filmed anything for Episode VII yet. (Which is kind of also hilariously confirmed in this tweet about underwear in space.)

Last weekend, Mark Hamill made his first ever appearance at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends (you probably saw the pics here) and the highlight was a 45 minute interview with the actor. Inside the Magic uploaded the full thing and you can watch it here. No Episode VII news or anything, but just lots of Star Wars geeking out.

Speaking of Hamill, the actor recently joined Instagram (click here) and posted this photo with his Jabba’s Palace partner in crime, Billy Dee Williams:

And speaking of Billy Dee Williams, the actor confirmed at Star Wars Weekends that he’s working on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels. How exactly he’s involved is still up in the air though.

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum uploaded this new YouTube video about the proposed museum.

Back to Episode VII, Making Star Wars posted a huge amount of quotes from the questionably reliable IMDB message boards about multiple Star Wars sets in Pinewood. Many of them resemble planets or locales we’ve seen in previous movies. Head there to read the rumored descriptions but remember, they’re possible spoilers.

Finally, John Boyega posted this great shot from in the Star Wars make-up chair. He’s even wearing a Captain America t-shirt.

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