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Just as Rian Johnson asked for one slight change to the script for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (namely, R2-D2 joining Rey to find Luke, not BB-8), Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow has made a similar request of Johnson. Of course, with The Last Jedi still almost half a year away, he’s not saying exactly what just yet, but he is hinting to the Irish Examiner that it’s a minor change to better suit his needs for the finale of the Sequel Trilogy:

“Not even a whole scene, just a tiny little moment. But it’s amazing how tiny moments can be… I think that’s almost become a right of passage now, for each director to ask for just one little thing. What that is to me is representative of how collaborative the Lucasfilm environment is. Now that Rian is finishing his film I definitely check in with him as much as I can.”

If we had to guess, it’s probably “More Ewoks, please.”

In the above letter that’s resurfaced, Ron Howard further proves his Star Wars bonafides in the ultimate defense: advocating for Jake Lloyd and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The new director of the Han Solo film wrote a letter to the editor decrying their attack on a nine year-old, and calling the film “truly amazing.” While some fans would disagree, his passion for the property is none-the-less inspiring.


The Han Solo director shake-up is on everyone’s minds, especially on the mind of the man who runs Lucasfilm’s sister-company, Marvel Studios. When asked by Yahoo about the shakeup, Feige said he understands how difficult a decision she had:

“Kathy’s an unbelievable inspiration over the past few years that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know her. All the movies she’s made became the reason that I wanted to make moves. Being on the inside of any movie you understand. You’ve got to oversee the whole thing and take care of the vision of the overarching film. I would trust Kathy with any of the decisions she has to make, because she’s been making them amazingly for 30-plus years.”

Marvel Studios is no stranger to directorial shake-ups, though the closest example for them would be Ant-Man, where Edgar Wright wrote the screenplay, hired his staff, and completed pre-production before the director and studio parted ways.

Good Morning America took a look into the recently deceased Carrie Fisher’s home, full of Star Wars collectibles – many of which are being auctioned. You can see her year-round Christmas tree, her chair from the set of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Yoda statue, and much more. It’s a little strangely macabre to see, but Todd Fisher, her brother, seemed to take it much more as a celebration of her life.


Bill Pullman looked back on the famous Star Wars parody film Spaceballs for its 30th anniversary with THR, where he admitted he hadn’t actually seen the movie he was parodying before making the parody:

“I missed it the first time around. I just needed Mel to tell me what was going on. I didn’t need to see Star Wars to know what the whole thing was.”

Yes, Lone Starr, the analogue of Han Solo, hadn’t seen Star Wars. Maybe he’ll have the chance before “The Search for More Money,” the sequel that may or may not ever actually happen.


The official site has a bunch of Star Wars exclusives being sold at SDCC 2017 up, including these amazing pixel-art pins from Hallmark, purses and wallets, a Her Universe raincoat, and some bitchin’ pop-art colored socks. Check out all the exclusives at the link.

A new trailer for Star Wars Forces of Destiny debuted this week, showing off bits of stories featuring Rey, Jyn, Leia, Sabine, Ahsoka, Padme, and more – and yeah, those voices sound familiar for a reason. Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Tiya Sircar, Ashley Eckstein, and even Cat Taber return to voice the characters they brought to life. The series will debut new shorts on the Disney Youtube page each day starting July 3, before airing all of them as a half hour special on the Disney Channel July 9. I got to see the first one at Star Wars Celebration in April, and it’s a pure delight.


In our last Star Wars Bits, we talked about the rumored story and lead character of Visceral’s Star Wars game, as Todd Stashwick, co-writer of the title, will also star as Dodger. Apparently he’ll have a female partner, according to another new rumor at MakingStarWars, named Robie Mattox. They also say Natalie Morales is rumored to be playing the character, who “has a Dr. Aphra vibe overall,” which just sounds delightful. Check out the link for more possible details and spoilers.

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