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In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Some Han Solo filming updates, including a video from the set
  • Rumors about Luke Skywalker’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi wardrobe
  • Does The Last Jedi contain “the most shocking truth in Star Wars history”?
  • Tons of people are naming their children “Kylo”
  • Billy Dee Williams reprises his role of Lando Calrissian
  • And more!

Woody Harrelson in The Hunger Games

In a chat with The Independent, actor Woody Harrelson spoke briefly about his role in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off film:

“I am totally psyched to be making a Star Wars film. But the secrecy is on another level. What I can say he’s a good character, he is a mentor to Han and a criminal, but good at heart.”

So…not much in the way of shocking revelations there, but it seems like young Han’s apple doesn’t fall far from his mentor’s tree.

Han Solo Movie First Look

StarWarsNewsNet reports that Han Solo is filming at the Fawley Power Station in the southern UK, a location recently seen on film in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Their sources indicate that Emilia Clarke was spotted at that location, and you can see some sneaky set photos of some vehicles and sets over at their site.

Here’s a video from someone creeping around outside the set that apparently features star Alden Ehrenreich (or a stunt double) inside a podcar of some kind as he races around the planet’s surface.

Rebel Rising cover

Any time Star Wars fans are frustrated about not getting enough information about a character in a movie, they can sleep soundly knowing that sooner or later, an official novel will come out and fill in all of the backstory they could possibly want to know about. Such is the case with Rogue One heroine Jyn Erso: she’s the subject of a new book called Rebel Rising that covers the period of time from when Saw Gerrera abandoned her as a child to when we see her in the prison transport in the film. Check out an interview with the book’s author at StarWars.com.

Speaking of Rogue One, here’s an announcement some of you will certainly enjoy: you’ll soon be able to read about the early adventures of Cassian Andor and K-2SO in a brand new comic.

TIE Bomber

More news from the world of Star Wars books: apparently a new book is on the way called Bomber Command, which some are speculating ties directly into The Last Jedi and centers on the TIE Bomber ships we saw in Empire. Of course, this speculation implies that those ships will be making a return in Rian Johnson’s new movie as well, but we’ll have to wait and see how if that’s just wishful thinking.

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