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Dave Filoni gave an extensive interview about Rebels Season 3 for the blu-ray release, talking about the choice of using Thrawn (and of carrying him over into Season 4 as the main villain again), Sabine coming into her own as an equal-billing hero of the story with Ezra, and of course, that big finish for Maul:

“In the end, what’s most important, is that Maul never lets go of this attitude of revenge. He never seeks forgiveness, he never seeks selflessness. He is bent on, “Okay, good, at least I’ll die knowing I’m going to have revenge,” and Obi-Wan just looks at him and shakes his head gently because he feels sorry for Maul. He doesn’t want to kill Maul by that point. Obi-Wan, to me, has grown as a character so much that he knows he could dispatch Maul, or Maul could dispatch him, but to what point? Obi-Wan is entering the realm of becoming selfless, and wholly selfless. He’s willing to give up so much so that everyone else can succeed, because he’s trying to make up for things in the Clone War — things that went poorly for him.”

Filoni also notes that while Obi-Wan now believes Luke is the Chosen One, according to George Lucas, Anakin Skywalker was truly the Chosen One. One. As in singular. He spends a lot of time addressing that Obi-Wan “doesn’t want to fight Darth Maul,” something he talks about at length in the special features of the Blu-ray release, as well.

Presented without comment, just for the lols. Heath and his hilarious photoshops. PORGS.

A new trailer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes shows off the “Territory Battles” mode added to the game. In the mode, you’ll team-up with your guild to… battle for territories. Look, it’s pretty self explanatory. Also, that one shot in the middle of Rey standing with Ezra, Kaytoo, and everyone else is just so cool.

Star Wars Rebels Thrawn

Ah, nothing like being self-referential! Over at SYFY WIRE, I combed through all the commentary and special features on the Rebels Season 3 release, and found what I could about season 4. While there’s not much, there is the promise that “you can expect a lot more Thrawn in season 4” from co-EP Henry Gilroy. Carrie Beck also makes a similar promise to the one above from Marshall, saying, “Breaking the stories for season 4 is one of the most satisfying story experiences I’ve ever had. The whole team has done really well setting up all these stories we’re going to pay off at the end of the series.”


Acme Direct is launching a series of new limited edition art prints, in both signed canvas and unsigned paper editions, for Force Friday tomorrow. They are, predictably, gorgeous, including this amazing Phasma piece by Akirant. There are also pieces inspired by Rogue OneA New HopeEmpire Strikes Back, and there’ll be an Episode 8 piece revealed tomorrow as well.


Fantasy Flight has expansions launching for two of their popular Star Wars games. Imperial Assault gets “Heart of the Empire,” there will be new play modes and units, including the Clawdite Shapeshifter, a female mercenary villain that can be disguised as other character types.

Meanwhile, Rebellion will get “Rise of the Empire,” available today, a Rogue One-inspired set that has new missions, heroes and villains.

Good. Golly. The news Millennium Falcon from LEGO is their largest build set ever, clocking in at 7,541 pieces. It’s built very nearly to scale of minifigs, and it is glorious. I need it. NEED. Although I have zero idea where I’d put it…


Hot Toys has a ton of reveals on their facebook page for Force Friday, as well. The Executioner Trooper looks amazing, and will be a heck of a tough enemy for anyone (Finn, Rose, looking at you two) that runs into him. They also have three sets of Cosbaby reveals; one for the First Order, one for the Resistance (the Rey and BB-8 set is particularly adorable, with her homemade Rebel Pilot doll in her hand), and one featuring The Last Jedi looks on figures.

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