The Making of Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Mark Hamill and Richard Marquand

The Playlist pointed us to this below video, which is a look back at the locations used when filming Return of the Jedi. Kevin Pike  is the subject and he was the “Location Special Effects” person on the film. Check it out.

Since Oscar Isaac has been talking about it non-stop, Collider took the opportunity of A Most Violent Year to ask his co-star, Jessica Chastain, about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Watch it below and note that Isaac said this is still the only footage he’s seen from the movie, at all.

Though Marvel has the current Star Wars comic book license, it would be hard to forget the great work Dark Horse did over the years. As a nod to that, revealed they’ll be releasing these two collections over the summer. Read much more at the link.

If you can’t wait for those, ComiXology just added a bunch (and I meant a BUNCH) of old Star Wars content. Visit the full selection here.

Previously, we’ve collected a ton of the variant covers coming for Marvel’s Star Wars #1. But it turns out maybe we weren’t even close to complete. Bleeding Cool reports there will be over 100 variant covers for the issue, which is a comic book record.

We’ve all see Daisy Ridley‘s character, Rey, on a speeder in The Force Awakens trailer. Were you curious how fast it was going? Wired figured it out and it’s a pretty fascinating look at math applied to art. I’m still scratching my head.

The Star Wars Disneyland Half Marathon in later this month and while it’s certainly too late to sign up, the official Star Wars website has some maps of not only the full race, but the shorter ones as well. It’s pretty cool. This is just for the 5K, head to the link for more.

Star Wars Disneyland 5K


BB-8 is the ball droid revealed in The Force Awakens trailer and, apparently, he’s got plenty of surprises. Making Star Wars has two articles based on possible concept art of the droid. In them, they reveal that the orange circles on his body all open up into compartments that perform functions similar to R2-D2. There’s even a potential spoiler in one of the articles about what one compartment might fit. Head to those links to read them.

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