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  • Dave Filoni & co. discuss the series finale of Star Wars Rebels
  • Michael K. Williams reflects on his cut role in Solo
  • Leia and Chewbacca share a moment in the novelization of The Last Jedi
  • And much more!

Beware of spoilers for the last few episodes of Star Wars Rebels!

The Star Wars Explained channel put together an insightful review of the penultimate week’s episodes of Star Wars Rebels, “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds.” The video offers a theory as to why Ezra couldn’t enter the portal to save Kanan even if he decided to do so, and charts a path for Ahsoka after she returns to Malachor based on Dave Filoni’s artwork from some Topps trading cards.

Ahsoka Tano Cards

After last week’s episodes, Nerdist posted an illuminating interview with Dave Filoni about Ahsoka’s long-awaited return. In the interview, Filoni talked about a C.S. Lewis book that influenced the idea of portals between worlds and shed some light on how the rescue of Ahsoka came to pass: “The only thing Kanan really engineers, that I think is questionably a little bit selfish, is he engineers the rescue of Ahsoka,” Filoni said. “Kanan’s correcting that thing where she otherwise dies. Now she’s back in play which is, I think, a good thing because she’s an interesting character.”

Star Wars Explained also published a video that syncs up the voices heard in “A World Between World” with the visuals from the source footage. Chills: I HAZ THEM.

Before the airing of the Rebels series finale, Filoni sat down with Collider Jedi Council leader Kristian Harloff to discuss the series, the process of collaborating with other Star Wars creators, Filoni’s metaphorical ascension from a Padawan to a Master, and much more.

After the airing of the series finale, at a special screening on the Disney lot in Los Angeles, Filoni sat down with several cast members from Rebels to deconstruct the last few episodes in an emotional conversation moderated by Amy Ratcliffe. Plus: Taylor Gray (Ezra) finds out where babies come from! Check out the video above or on the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast’s YouTube channel.

As pointed out by Twitter user Kevin Rubio (among others), Rebels brilliantly mirrors the opening and closing shots of the series. Narrative symmetry is a beautiful thing, my friends.

Solo Trailer Breakdown - Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian

In an interview with The New Yorker, Donald Glover offered an eerie glimpse into the sci-fi future of our dreams-slash-nightmares by revealing that he is now officially “scanned” into the Lucasfilm database. He added: “Who’s to say that at some point they won’t take that scan and say, ‘Let’s make another movie with Donald. He’s been dead for fifteen years, but we can do whatever we want with him.’” Hey, at least it’s not carbonite.

Star Wars Leia

The recently released novelization of The Last Jedi, written by Jason Fry, contains a ton of new details about cut scenes, backstories, and the inner lives of certain characters. One big reveal, regarding Leia’s final words to Chewbacca at the end of The Last Jedi, will leave you needing a fuzzy and comforting Wookie hug of your own. Hit up MovieWeb for those four words and more.

An international trailer for Solo has been released, and while it mostly recycles the same footage we saw in the Super Bowl trailer, there are a couple new angles of the Millennium Falcon. A new poster (that has not yet been accused of plagiarism!) has also been unveiled, and can be viewed at Heroic Hollywood.

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