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Welcome back to Star Wars Bits, the regular feature where we bring you all of the Star Wars news you may have missed. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens a little over a month away, we’ve been keeping very, very busy. In this edition:

  • New banners show off Rey and Kylo Ren.
  • Gina Rodriguez inches toward a role in Star Wars Episode VIII.
  • John Boyega tries out some Kylo Ren cosplay.
  • Captain Phasma is revealed in toy form.
  • Disney theme parks make some new Star Wars announcements.
  • Watch every single frame of The Force Awakens footage thus far.
  • Take your first look at Max von Sydow‘s mysterious character.

rey banner

A few days ago, we got our first look at a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens banner showing off John Boyega‘s Finn and his lightsaber. Now, two new banners have arrived online, showing off the two other new leads of the film with their weapons of choice. Above, you can see Daisy Ridley’s Rey wielding her staff. Below, you can see Adam Driver‘s Kylo Ren wielding his homemade lightsaber. Like those character posters from last week, these all follow a similar pattern and would probably look really nice hanging together on the wall of your local multiplex.

kylo ren banner

Social media may have accidentally confirmed some rumored Star Wars casting. A few months back, rumors that Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez was being cast in Rian Johnson‘s Star Wars Episode VIII began swirling around the internet, but nothing was confirmed. Now, Jedi News has noted that Johnson and The Force Awakens star John Boyega have just started following her on Twitter. That’s about as far from an official confirmation as you can get, but it certainly feels like something. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and suggest that maybe Finn and Rodriguez’s potential mystery character may share a lot of scenes in the next movie. After all, they’ve already become internet buddies. Maybe they’re preparing to spend many months waiting around on set together.

Speaking of Mr. Boyega and social media, the always delightful actor took to Instagram dressed as Kylo Ren and showed off some pretty sweet lightsaber skills. The fact that Boyega seems to be as big a fan of Star Wars as anyone else on the planet is wonderful – his enthusiasm is downright infectious. If you aren’t following him, you should change that. Otherwise, you may miss great stuff like him literally falling off the couch while watching the latest trailer.

captain phasma toy

We still don’t know much about Captain Phasma, the chrome-armored Stormtrooper commander who is played by Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie in The Force Awakens. However, we do know that she has the coolest costume in the saga since Boba Fett. Hopefully she actually has a personality beyond a snazzy outfit. Anyway, images of the new Hot Toys Phasma figure have arrived and it looks as detailed as you’d hope. This thing will probably clean out your savings account, but at least you’re getting a quality product.

While we’re on the subject of Captain Phasma, Christie spoke with the LA Times, revealing that she went out of her way and fought tooth and nail to land a part in The Force Awakens:

I really wanted to be in ‘Star Wars’ because it had a special meaning to me. Being someone who never felt part of the mainstream, who always felt unusual, it felt like a world that I could inhabit in terms of my imagination and who I was. I became like a dog with a bone and was absolutely insistent: ‘Please, please, please try to have me seen.’ Eventually they were worn down by my incessant asking.

Then again, anyone who has seen her kick ass as Brienne of Tarth must have known the saga could only improve with her mere presence. Who the heck is going to tell her no?

captain phasma toy 2

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