Star Wars Storyboards

There are so many Star Wars Bits right now, it’s time to just get to it. Below, read about the following:

  • Two alternate working titles for Star Wars Episode VII emerge.
  • A fan mashes up the Star Wars score with the Disney logo.
  • New images have surfaced of the full Star Wars Rebels voice cast.
  • Star Wars Battlefront will have a presence at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in June…
  • …but Star Wars Episode VII reportedly won’t be at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Star Wars Celebration Anaheim just launched its website.
  • Watch a trailer for Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy book (seen above).
  • The first season of Star Wars Rebels is how many episodes? And Simon Kinberg talks writing Trilogy characters.
  • Star Wars actor John Morton clarifies his recent Rebels/Star Wars Episode VII quotes.
  • Carrie Fisher is down 40lbs for Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Two new locations might be in the cards for the George Lucas Cultural Arts Museum.

One of the bigger pieces of Star Wars news this week was Ain’t It Cool News’ declaration a potential working title for Star Wars Episode VII was An Ancient Fear. It spawned lots of debate online, as well as a few other potential titles Abrams is using during filming. (In Star Wars history, and subsequently in movie history, an alternate title is used during filming to throw fans off the scent.) Is An Ancient Fear that? We aren’t sure.

But a few things.

  1. Super Punch pointed out back for Episode III, Ain’t It Cool said it might be called “The Creeping Fear.” That was wrong.
  2. Bleeding Cool has lots of evidence the shooting title might be AVCO, the name of the THX certified theater J.J. Abrams saw A New Hope in. Making Star Wars has even more on that.
  3. Latino Review says it’s just filming under plain and simple Star Wars Episode VII. That last point seems like the simplest but, the AVCO evidence is interesting.

So who knows? J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, that’s about it.

One of the weirdest things when we sit down for Star Wars Episode VII will be not having the 20th Century Fox Fanfare before the crawl. Over the years, it became as much a part of the Star Wars experience as John Williams’ score. One fan has now mashed up the Star Wars theme with the Walt Disney studios logo for a potential idea of what we could see on December 18, 2015.

MakingStarWars got their hands on a few new images of the Star Wars Rebels voice cast doing the show. Pretty cool stuff. That’s (L-R) Steve Blum, Vanessa Marshall, Dave Filoni (Director), Tiya Sircar, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Taylor Grey.


Not much has been heard on the Star Wars: Battlefront front since last year’s E3 but, it has been confirmed the game will have a presence at next month’s conference. It’s not expected to be released until 2015 but, it’ll be excited to see some new footage. Here’s the original teaser from last year:

While a big Star Wars property will be showing up at one convention, the biggest reportedly won’t be showing up at the biggest convention. Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe tweeted that Star Wars Episode VII won’t have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. There is a rumor there will be a morsel for fans but don’t expect a Q&A with the full cast or anything. They’ll be too busy filming, but 2015 brings a D23 Expo, Star Wars Celebration and Comic-Con 2015 all before the film opens in December. Plenty of convention hype for the film.

Speaking of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, the official website just launched. On it, they announced all the hosts of the various stages of the event. Head there to check it out.

Next week, Star Wars fans have something really cool to look forward to. It’s a new book called Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy which is comprised of over 1200 storyboards from the original trilogy including some that have never been seen before. You can read more about it here, but this is a trailer.

Just gonna let this tweet speak for itself and move on.

Next up, Collider sat down with Simon Kinberg to talk X-Men Days of Future Past, and smartly turned the conversation to Star Wars. Kinberg said he wrote he wrote the two-part premiere and season finale of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Originally, the article said the show ran 16 episodes, but that information has now been removed. It’s unclear if it was incorrect or something else. He also talked about the excitement of writing dialogue for original trilogy characters that return in the show. Here’s that quote, watch the full interview at the previous link.

Writing dialogue for any of the legacy characters is as big a thrill as anything I’ve ever had in my life.  I said this to [producer Kathleen Kennedy] that when I open up a Final Draft document, and I tab over to “Character” and it’s a character from the original films—to be nameless until people see them—but if it’s a character from the original films, just typing in those letters and then that being the recorded name in that name database for that script is as surreal, and perhaps more so, than anything I’ve experienced in my career.

Earlier this week, original trilogy actor John Morton dropped some quotes that flat out said Star Wars Rebels characters were in Star Wars Episode VII. You can read all about that here. Now, as expected, he’s pulled back on those declarative statements, saying it was just educated guesses. Read his full rebuttal here.

We know Carrie Fisher plays a major role in Star Wars Episode VII and, according to her famous mother Debbie Reynolds, she’s lost 40 pounds preparing for the role. Pretty impressive.

Finally, while a recent decision in the Bay Area put the brakes on the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, Thompson on Hollywood as well as the San Francisco Chronicle report there are two new locations in the works: Chicago or the SF Port Commission. Read more about each at those links.

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