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In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • A petition is circulating that intends to get J.J. Abrams fired from directing Star Wars: Episode 9
  • Ron Howard is tweeting a lot from the set of Han Solo
  • Star Wars Rebels season 4 gets a slick poster and the first episode descriptions have been unveiled
  • The history of the Millennium Falcon is explored in a new video
  • A new look at Star Wars Battlefront II, featuring an intro by John Boyega
  • And much more!

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Some Star Wars “fans” have started a fruitless petition to remove J.J. Abrams as the director of Episode IX. It is pretty ridiculous, and unless they have $2 billion to spend on removing him, we’re gonna go ahead and say this is a waste of everyone’s time. But good on TVOvermind for analyzing it anyway.

Mark Hamill was honored by GQ this year, and his interview shows how much he still loves Star Wars and the fans. He loves the line, “I have a bad feeling about this,” and can rock a space cape like a boss. Watch all the way through for his tease about the set of Canto Bight, the casino; he says he’s “never been on a set that opulent,” but we’re not 100% sure that means his character is actually in a scene on that set.

Hey, did you guys know Ron Howard has been posting pictures from the set of Han Solo on Twitter and Instagram? Man, when this movie wraps this column is suddenly going to be half as long. Anyway, here’s a cool, dark shot with some people rocking helmets in the background. But what kind of helmets?


Will Ian McDiarmid ever play Palpatine/The Emperor again? With the “Dark Times” era seemingly the only timeframe the “Star Wars Story” movies are willing to explore, at least for now, there’s a chance, and if McDiarmid has anything to say about it no one else is taking the power of the dark side from him.

“Maybe they are keeping me as a surprise for later but I have no idea. Of course, I don’t want anyone else to play him,” the actor told BBC. It’d be nice to see him cut loose one more time.

Yes, Star Wars Battlefront II is just looking better and better. John Boyega, who of course stars in the films as Finn, was an outspoken critic of the first game and its lack of a single-player campaign, which EA is now using to their advantage. Way to turn that around, folks! In this video, he details all the new features in the sequel, and man, it’s looking more and more like this will be played just constantly when it debuts on November 17, 2017.

Hey, did you guys know Ron Howard has been posting pictures from the set of Han Solo on Twitter and Instagram? Emilia Clarke has wrapped her run on the film as an unnamed character in an unnamed movie. But she looks happy, and has bangs. Space bangs.

Here’s a very nearly complete look at the current #StarWars canon!

A post shared by Silas Lesnick (@silaslesnick) on Sep 24, 2017 at 1:38pm PDT

Friend of the site (and good dude) Silas Lesnick has been avidly collecting the current canon Star Wars novels and comics. As he says this is a nearly complete look, in chronological order. If you’re behind, well, get to reading!

Speaking of timelines, here’s everything we know so far about the First Order and how they rose over the 30 years or so between Episodes 6 and 7. It’s a pretty comprehensive look of the story so far (what there is of it), but we’ll learn a lot more when Battlefront II comes out and we play Iden Versio’s story, which spans across generations.

Hey, did you guys know Ron Howard has been posting pictures from the set of Han Solo on Twitter and Instagram? (Comedy in threes, ladies and gents!) This Ralph McQuarrie font was designed for Yavin IV – but don’t expect Han Solo to be heading to the planet in this film. From what little we know about the timeline, it’s a good decade before the Rebels had established a base there. Find out more about what that text means here.

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