For those looking for something else to read until Ahsoka arrives, there are the two latest releases from DK Publishing – an updated version of Star Wars Year by Year (which is out now) and Star Wars: Complete Locations (which arrives on September 27). Here’s the official description of both books:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this month’s new releases from DK Publishing are worth their weight in Jedi holocrons. Leading off the month is the mammoth book, Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History, Updated Edition, coming out today. This new version adds new sections to the impressive timeline of Star Wars in our world, from the culture that shaped George Lucas as a young man now up to the year 2016. Like the rest of the book, whose first edition came out in 2010, these new entries, written by Pablo Hidalgo and often using art, photos, and other illustrations, take the reader through all the key happenings in the recent history of the Star Wars saga, including the development of The Force Awakens and other new films. And if you’re more interested in the places of the films, the end of September brings the release of Star Wars: Complete Locations, a visual guide full of cross-sections and 3D maps of the structures, towns, battlegrounds, and worlds, out on September 27. With new sections covering The Force Awakens illustrated by Kemp Remillard and written by Jason Fry, the book showcases the details and history of key locations from the movies, from Naboo to Jakku, and from the Jedi Temple to Starkiller Base.

Here are the covers of the books, along with a few sample images.

You can learn more (and check out more images) over at

The always useful Star Wars Explained YouTube channel dedicated a recent episode to more personal matters, sidestepping the usual history of a certain character, race, or planet to focus on how this series has made the world a better place. The starting point for this discussion? Willrow Hood, a character glimpsed only for a split-second during the evacuation of Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back.

With the upcoming Han Solo spin-off movie set to feature a young Lando Calrissian in the days before he was running Cloud City and finding himself roped into the Rebel Alliance, fans have been wondering what happened to him at the other end of the Star Wars timeline. With the old expanded universe gone, Lando’s future is very much a mystery at this point. However, this episode of Star Wars Explained pulls together everything we do know from the new, Lucasfilm Story Group-approved canon in one useful place.


Speaking of Han Solo spin-off adventures, has revealed four alternate covers from artists Dustin Nguyen, Stephanie Hans, Kirbi Fagan, Jamal Campbell for the fourth issue of Marvel’s excellent Han Solo comic book miniseries. The issue is due out on October 12.

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