The Mos Eisley Cantina is too far (not to mention too fictional) for most of us to visit, but a trip to Ottawa’s The Cantina seems a bit more doable. The new Star Wars bar — owned by the same folks as The Kessel Run, a game store right next door — is adorned with Star Wars posters and serves Star Wars-named drinks, like the opaque blue Bantha Milk. Click over to their Facebook page for more info.

Ready for Vader Down #1? Marvel has unveiled a whole bunch of gorgeous variant covers (via, as well as a peek inside artist Mike Deodato‘s sketchbook.

In an interview at and, Deodato reveals what he hopes to accomplish with the new comic book series:

I want to show the grandeur of the Star Wars universe without losing the human touch, which I learned through the years is what makes the film series so great: the characterization, the human sideā€¦ not the machines that impressed so much as a kid.

Vader Down #1 goes on sale November 18.

Rian Johnson directing Looper

It’s probably going to be a while before we find out what Rian Johnson‘s Star Wars Episode VIII is actually called, but in the meantime Star Wars News Net may have figured out what its working title is. They’ve done some digging around and discovered that various crew members associated with the project have it listed as Space Bear Industries on their online profiles. Wait, does that mean the Ewoks are coming back?

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what the other rumored working title, Lunak Heavy Industries refers to. Episode IX? Rogue One?

Shooting on Episode VIII is already underway, with principal photography set to begin in early 2016 — and that means it’s time for Mark Hamill to prep his “contractual face foliage.”

The Disney Dream cruise ship has added a new play area dedicated to Star Wars, and it looks indeed like a Disney Dream. The room is part of Disney’s Oceaneer Club, and it offers activities for kids including Jedi Training Academy and screenings of Star Wars: Rebels episodes. For more pics, as well as looks at the new Disney Infinity Room and the Vanellope’s candy shop, head over to Inside the Magic.

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