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This week isn’t done quite yet, and neither is the steady stream of Star Wars news. After the jump:

  • Star Wars Celebration Europe is already sold out for Saturday
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 developer on bringing Star Wars Rebels characters to life
  • Star Wars Rebels may have finally set a return date
  • Get details on the rest of the Disney Store’s plans for Force Friday
  • Just how much money is Star Wars: The Force Awakens gonna make?
  • Captain Phasma (and for some reason Jar Jar) cover a German Star Wars magazine
  • Find out what the new First Order star destroyer is called
  • Take a peek inside the pages of Star Wars #9
  • See gorgeous art from the Battle of Jakku DLC for Star Wars Battlefront


Planning to attend Star Wars Celebration Europe in London next summer? If you don’t already have tickets, you may have just hit a speed bump. Saturday adult tickets for the event have sold out already, as announced on Facebook. Three-day passes sold out last month.

Star Wars Celebration Europe Saturday Adult Tickets are sold out. Buy Single Day Tickets here: #SWCE

Posted by Star Wars Celebration on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday and Sunday passes are still available. And ticket holders are allowed to sell their passes if they can’t go, so you might luck out if someone you know changes their plans. But if you haven’t gotten your tickets already, you’ll definitely want to figure something out ASAP.


Lucasfilm’s brand creative director Hez Chorba and Avalanche Software’s vice president of art development for Disney Infinity Jeff Bunker talk about the challenges and the process of bringing Star Wars Rebels characters to life in Disney Infinity 3.0.

“Early on,” Chorba explains, “we got to a philosophical way of working. I work with a lot of teams this way, whether it’s on Battlefront or Infinity: We always envision the characters as real human beings.” This methodology levels the playing field, essentially; if all Star Wars characters have real-world counterparts, they can be adapted to the same style in another medium. “When we go and look at the Infinity style,” Chorba continues, “we go, ‘What would these characters look like if they were photo-real?’ and we build down. Sometimes we might take photographs of people that look like these characters. This was a unique challenge with Rebels, because these characters are brand new. We had no live-action reference.”

Learn much more at


Disney XD has yet to announce when Star Wars Rebels will return, but a leaked trailer may have given it away. While the video itself has been yanked, the screenshots below (via Star Wars Underworld) suggest we can expect Season 2 to hit October 14.

October 14th is the premiere date for season two of Star Wars Rebels!

Posted by Rebels Report on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Those attending New York Comic-Con will be able to see the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premiere even earlier, as the first two episodes will be screened there October 8. Expect an official date announcement from Disney XD soon.


We already tipped you off to plans to hand out Drew Struzan’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco on Force Friday. But even the Disney stores not involved with that particular promotion are going big. The Disney Store on Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue will play host to one of the unboxing events, broadcast live on YouTube’s HobbyKidsTV.

Meanwhile, at all Disney Stores, the first 100 guests to make a purchase will get free commemorative Force Awakens pins, and customers can enjoy story time, craft activities, a Topps vintage trading card giveaway, and more. Get all the details at (via Rebel Scum).


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