Star Wars Battle Pod Review

Last night, I flew the Millennium Falcon. And an X-Wing. And a Snowspeeder. And a Speeder Bike. And even Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. You can play as all of those ships too in the brand new arcade game, Star Wars Battle Pod, which is currently in Arcades nationwide.

Battle Pod is basically just that. It’s a sit down flying/shooting game with a screen that covers your entire plane of vision, over 180 degrees, making it feel like you are inside your favorite Star Wars ship. There are then five different missions you can play. Fly an X-Wing at the battle of Yavin and try to destroy the Death Star. Fly a Snowspeeder on Hoth, protecting the Rebel transports. Man a Speeder Bike on Endor to destroy the shield generator. Take the Millennium Falcon into the second Death Star. Or, in the game’s most challenging and exciting battle, play as Darth Vader against the Rebels immediately after the destruction of the first Death Star.

Below, read our Star Wars Battle Pod review and see some official videos and photos.

First up, here are some cool photos and videos of Star Wars Battle Pod.

Here’s a better look at the console itself, both on the outside and cross sectioned:

These are the levels.

And here are a few photos from each level.




Death Star II

Vader’s Revenge

Thanks to Action Figure Insider for the photos. Head there for many more.

It looks pretty epic right? And it is. On the next page, read about our experience playing the game.

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