The Violence Isn’t Neutered By Disney

One common concern from Star Wars fans is that Disney will force the franchise into a more kid-friendly place. That has yet to be seen but at least this first comic book isn’t afraid to feature some more graphic violence. In one fight scene we see dismemberment consistent with previous installments of the franchise.


Darth Vader Is a Bad-Ass Again

Okay so let’s forget the prequels and that moment where Vader yelled “Noooooooooooo!” One of the reasons many people loved the original Star Wars films was its powerful dark villain, and this first issue brings the dark Sith Lord back in a true return to form. Not only does Vader make a great dramatic entrance but theres a very cool tense sequence that feels ripped out of Homeland (this is a strong compliment) and Vader’s response is nothing short of bad ass.

Darth Vader and Princess Leia Comic Books

We Get a Preview of the Upcoming Darth Vader and Princess Leia Comic Books

The 48-page issue features an 8 page preview of Marvel upcoming Star Wars comic book series. Darth Vader teases a confrontation between Jabba the Hut and Dark Sith Lord (which might be directly connected to the story in Star Wars #1) while Princess Leia teases a story which will take place immediately after the ending of A New Hope — and by immediately, I mean in the seconds that conclude Episode IV. Both previews are only a couple pages each and feature no dialogue what so ever, so they don’t reveal much — think of them as the comic book equivalent of a very lean teaser trailer.

Star Wars #1

The Bottom Line

This may be a continuation of stories we have lived with our entire life, but its also a new beginning — and this new chapter is very exciting. Marvel will have me as a subscriber, following the stories month to month in between the year-long waits for the new big screen movies.

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