6. Heather Langenkamp plays a “visitor” named Moto.

Earlier this year, we learned the surprising info that Nightmare on Elm Street start Heather Langenkamp would play a role in Star Trek Into Darkness. Turns out, she’s married to the aforementioned David LeRoy Anderson. Well, he revealed the role she’ll be playing: an alien named Moto. Langenkamp won’t be seen in the film, though, as she’ll be sporting an elaborate makeup job. When it breaths, her gullet expands and lights up. Moto is one of “The Visitors,” a name given for all the non-humans in the movie just so they don’t have to use the generic word “aliens.” Also, visitors called the Ayts will have some kind of enhanced digital effect added to them.

7. The Starfleet Council won’t play a big part in the film.

While discussing costumes, the point was brought up that one of the major looks in the first film was that of the Starfleet Council. You know, that group lead by Tyler Perry. Those characters might be mentioned or have some kind of influence on the events of Into Darkness but “you won’t see much of them in this film,” said Foley.

8. Michael Giacchino has only recorded music for the first 9 minutes but hopes to include the ORIGINAL original theme.

One of the highlights of the Bad Robot visit was spending 20 minutes in a room with Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino, showing us the first 9 minutes of the film and talking us through his musical choices. How he picks where to make things emotional, exciting and more. However, he said with the movie far from finished, he’s only done music for this IMAX special scene. “The only music I’ve written is what you’ve seen in [the prologue],” Giacchino said. He wrote it and the orchestra recorded it in just four hours. However, he is hoping to include the Alexander Courage theme once we gets to work. “To me, that is Star Trek,” he said. Whether or not that’ll happen, though, is up for debate because….

9. Giacchino has yet to see the movie or discuss what the music will be. 

Because Into Darkness is still in heavy post-production, the composer is far from being brought into the process. The IMAX preview was a rare exception. “I have no idea what I’m going to do yet,” Giacchino admitted. “I haven’t seen the whole film yet so I don’t know what the rest of the film needs or asks for.” He believes after the holidays, he’ll finally sit down with Abrams and discuss the rest of the film, including new themes and more. (Speaking of themes – the composer admitted he went through almost twenty different themes on the first film before starting from scratch and coming up with the one in the film.)

And, despite some people suggesting he borrowed a James Horner piece from Wrath of Khan in the prologue score, “Sadly, that had absolutely nothing to do with it,” said the composer. “You’re just writing and whatever sounds fun for me.” On the other hand…

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