Mogan Spurlock

At Sundance, you never know who you’ll bump into. While this can have unforeseen benefits, it can also have some unintended negative consequences.  After the break, hear a brief audio blog I did with documentarian and Sundance juror Morgan Spurlock, as well as a video interview with the Safdie brothers, the directors of Daddy Longlegs. We’ve also included a story which will show you how it feels when anyone you meet, or even the person sitting next to you on the bus, could be a filmmaker.

I was a huge fan of Super Size Me (and also 30 Days) so when I saw Morgan Spurlock, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to chat with him for just a few brief moments. Here’s the audio of me accosting him:


We also bumped into the Safdie brothers on the bus. They have a new film coming out at the festival called Daddy Longlegs. I did a brief interview with them:

But our initial encounter with the Safdie Brothers didn’t exactly go that smoothly. Peter and I explain what happened in this video:

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