Vincenzo Natali‘s 2010 genetic experimentation sci-fi horror Splice didn’t do great box office when it opened in 2010, but it got enough critical buzz to boost the filmmaker’s profile. That, in turn, opened up some intriguing new options for him, including adaptations based on J.G. Ballard’s High Rise, William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic Neuromancer, and the YA series Tunnels, and we’ve been very curious to see what he’ll do next.

It now appears that Natali has finally made his decision, and as it turns out, his follow-up to Splice won’t be any of those. Instead, he’s chosen to helm Haunter, a so-called “reverse ghost story.” More details after the jump.

Haunter comes from screenwriter Brian King, whose previous works include the thriller Night Train and Natali’s 2002 sci-fi thriller Cypher. The story represents a twist on the familiar haunted house tale: Rather than following the human victim, Haunter will be told from the perspective of a spirit named Lisa, who’s been trapped in a house since she and her family fell victim to “sinister circumstances” inside it in 1986. When a new girl named Olivia moves into the property, Lisa decides to haunt and possess her in an effort to keep her from meeting the same grisly end.

While it’s too soon to say how the film will actually turn out, from here the plotline sounds a fresh way to approach a classic formula, and Natali seems like the right person to bring it to the big screen. I didn’t love Splice, mostly because I found the third act to be problematic, but I still have to give him credit for offering something a little more complex and more unique than the usual genre fare. Haunter seems right up his alley.

Bloody Disgusting writes that Haunter is set to begin shooting this March in Toronto, which means we’ll be keeping an eye out for casting updates over the coming days.

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