Sony Announces PlayStation TV Set-Top Box

PlayStation TV

As if your living room media center didn’t have enough gadgets crowding it already, Sony has announced the launch of its new PlayStation TV. The set-top box go on sale in the U.S., Canada, and Europe this fall, at the price of $99 a pop. Hit the jump for more details on the new device.

Sony unveiled its plans Monday during its E3 presentation. Essentially, the PlayStation TV is Sony’s answer to Apple TVAmazon Fire TV, and Roku. It’s in a similar price range and offers many of the same features, like music and movie streaming. (Sony did not say what specific apps would be available.)

However, the PlayStation TV will (not surprisingly) be geared more toward gamers. Users will be able to stream games from their own PlayStation 4s, if they have them, or from the cloud-based PlayStation Now service. The latter offers access to older games, including PS3 titles.

PlayStation Now will enter open beta in the U.S. and Canada on July 31. By the time PlayStation TV goes on sale, “nearly 1,000 games” will be available to users, according to Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Shawn Layden.

None of this will sound particularly new to Sony customers across the Pacific. The PlayStation TV was released in Japan and other Asian markets last year under the name PlayStation Vita TV. The device received some strong buzz and positive reviews early on, but sales numbers ultimately proved disappointing.

Sony will hope to have better luck when the PlayStation TV hits our shores this fall. No exact launch date has been given. The set-top boxes will cost $99 for a standalone unit, or $139 for a bundle that includes a DualShock 3 controller, an 8 GB memory card, and a digital download code for the Lego Movie video game.

Will you give the PlayStation TV a shot?

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