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In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is developing a TV sequel to Enemy of the State.
  • Tom Cruise doesn’t have much to say about Top Gun 2.
  • Nicolas Cage has even less to say about National Treasure 3.
  • Several Bad Moms sequels are in the works.
  • Yes, Tom Hanks would like to be in that Splash remake.
  • John Wick: Chapter 2‘s director lavishes praise on Keanu Reeves.
  • No, James Gunn isn’t making Tron 3.

While we’ll never see a big screen sequel to Enemy of the State, producer Jerry Bruckheimer (realizing that this is the year 2016 and that all bets are off when it comes to entertainment) has set up a sequel television series to the 1998 thriller at ABC. The original film was directed by the late, great Tony Scott and starred Will Smith during the period when he was fully emerging as the most famous movie star on the planet and Gene Hackman when he was still, you know, regularly acting and being one of the finest actors all time. The Hollywood Reporter‘s description of the series sounds more like a spiritual sequel than a direct sequel:

When an elusive NSA spy is charged with leaking classified intelligence, an idealistic female attorney must partner with a hawkish FBI agent to stop a global conspiracy that threatens to expose dark secrets and personal mysteries connecting all three of their lives.

Are people interested in more Enemy of the State without Scott, Smith, and Hackman? I don’t know. But the success of 24 and Homeland proves that people still do love their conspiracy theory-driven TV thrillers.

Speaking of sequels to Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movies starring beloved movie stars, Tom Cruise recently spoke about the long-gestating Top Gun 2 on The Graham Norton Show. Naturally, Cruise plays coy with the details, but he does use phrases like “we’re discussing it” and “[we’re] trying to figure it out,” so draw from that what you will. One thing is certain, though: Anthony Edwards’ Goose will most definitely not be making a return. Then again, anyone who saw the original movie can attest to that.

national treasure 3

Do you want to go for the Jerry Bruckheimer sequel trifecta? Good, because Nicolas Cage spoke with Moviefone, who asked if he could offer an update on a third National Treasure movie. Unlike Cruise, who is so good at dodging negativity when cameras and microphones are pointed on him, Cage was pretty blunt:

Yeah, I really have nothing to say about that.

There you go. On one hand, it’s odd that there hasn’t been a National Treasure 3 since the first films did major box office and were actually pretty well-liked by audiences. But on the other, maybe it’s better for a major Hollywood franchise to end as a winner rather than play itself out until it’s a loser.

Speaking of national treasures, the great Tom Hanks was recently asked about the upcoming Splash remake, which will gender-swap the lead roles and find Channing Tatum playing a mermaid who falls in love with the human. And yes, the project earns Hanks’ seal of approval:

No one asked me! I’m all in favor of it. Why not? That’s fine! I figure if they were really going to be bold, I would come back as Allen Bauer, and I would go off with Channing Tatum. That would be a bold movie, and I am suggesting it right now. Put THAT on your AP wire.

Can someone please remind me why Hanks is playing Robert Langdon again and starring in goofy comedies about mermaids? Why are we not utilizing him to the fullest extent? Why is the world so monstrous?

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