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  • Arnie is optimistic about Shane Black‘s Predator sequel.
  • Terminator 5 scribes talk James Cameron, time travel, and deleted scenes.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is totally up for another Unbreakable movie.
  • Quentin Tarantino wants to make a third Kill Bill someday.
  • The M:I5 plane stunt was inspired in part by Uncharted.
  • Pacific Rim 2 could help get Hellboy 3 made… if it’s a hit.
  • Sinister 2 distributes a series of creepy “collector’s cards.”
  • Patrick Wilson shares a photo from the Conjuring 2 set.
  • Milla Jovovich gets to work on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
  • Donate to charity for a chance to win a role in Star Trek Beyond.
  • LeBron James (jokingly) pitches an idea for Trainwreck 2.


Arnold Schwarzenegger knows you didn’t like the Predator sequels. “So far, no Predator [movie], no matter which one they did after the first one, has been satisfactory to the audience,” he said.

Still, he has high hopes for Shane Black‘s upcoming reboot / sequel — even though, he stresses, he has not been asked to return. “[Black is] a very talented guy, and a great, great director, so if he would do it, it will become a great, great movie whether I’m in it or not.”


Screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier didn’t want to write Terminator: Genisys, at least at first. She explains:

We truly said “Hell no” three times. […] This is something to approach with a great deal of respect and trepidation. It’s like walking into a house someone else built, and trying to create something worthy of the structure already standing, where you want to give it value and not detract value.

Of course, they eventually came around. Read the full interview at Creative Screenwriting for much more, including details on a cut scene and their approach to time travel paradoxes.


Samuel L. Jackson is totally up for an Unbreakable sequel. “Night’s still around. Bruce is still around. I’m still around,” he told EW. “And I’d love to break out of the asylum.” But he might want to take that up with director M. Night Shyamalan, who’s said he’d only do another Unbreakable if he could find a “completely original take.”


Quentin Tarantino still really wants to make a third Kill Bill, as he revealed last weekend at Comic-Con:

Never say never, we’ll see, when it comes to Kill Bill 3. [Uma Thurman] would really like to do it, we talk about it every once in awhile or so — we’ve got to wait for Vernita’s daughter to get old enough to go and kill her.

Knowing Tarantino it seems likelier that the real holdup is his tendency to talk up projects he never ends up making, but keep hope alive, I guess. [via The Playlist]


How does one even come up with the idea to strap Tom Cruise to the side of a moving airplane, a la Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation? According to director Chris McQuarrie, the stunt was inspired in part by Uncharted games. Which is kind of funny because as Uncharted lead animator Jeremy Yates admits, their games are inspired in part by the Mission: Impossible films.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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