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On Twitter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed that there are “complications” that made a Hobbs Fast and Furious spin off impossible, and if it was going to happen, it would have already.

To be fair, this is more a remake than a sequel but we’ll let it slide. Fox revealed a new poster for Hitman: Agent 47 which will be released August 28.

Agent 47 Poster

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland isn’t out for a month, but Cinemablend asked the star about a follow up. Britt Robertson said the following when asked if she thought there would be a Tomorrowland 2:

So many stories. It’s such a huge scope, and I didn’t even fully understand the level of what that movie is, and what it was at the time. So yeah, you could make, like, 55 movies based on that concept. I don’t know that they will do a sequel, though. I know that Brad Bird’s pretty adamant about — although he is doing The Incredibles 2, which is pretty awesome — he is adamant about having original stories and being behind that.

Super Troopers 2 very quickly hit its Indiegogo goal so we will see the film in the coming year or so. The cast, however, has already started getting ready. Check out this Funny or Die video proving it

Will the next book featuring The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander, become a movie? It’s called Spider’s Web and according to The Hollywood Reporter there are talks about the second and third books in the series being squeezed into one film with Spider’s Web closing out the trilogy. But odds are, that’s not going to happen.

Bloody Disgusting has a great story of how director John McNaughton was working on making a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel that would’ve taken place between Freddy’s death and his return in the first film. It would’ve taken place in Hell and explained how he got his powers. However, after Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky – another film that featured Hell – bombed, the studio didn’t want to do that.

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