Blair Witch Producer Talks Sequels

In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • The director of The Blair Witch Project praises Blair Witch.
  • John Boyega teases Pacific Rim 2.
  • Stephen Lang promises that the Avatar sequels are still coming.
  • Duncan Jones would still be down for a Warcraft 2.
  • Zombieland 2 is being written. Again.
  • Mary Poppins Returns star Emily Blunt has earned an important seal of approval.
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back reveals a new poster.
  • Michael Bay shows off a big stunt on Transformers: The Last Knight.
  • Super Troopers 2 will wrap filming in September.

When it was revealed that Adam Wingard‘s new horror movie The Woods was secretly a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, all kinds of questions arose. How much of a connection will it have to the original? Answer: a very close connection. Will it be as scary as the first one and ignore the second one? Early buzz suggests yes and no. And does it have the blessing of the original filmmakers? Original co-director Eduardo Sanchez (who helmed The Blair Witch Project alongside Daniel Myrick) has given the new Blair Witch his stamp of approval:

It just turns it up to 11. It’s just full-blast Blair Witch. It’s really creepy and the last third is just crazy. It’s just all over the place. It just does not let you go, you know? I’m really happy to have been a part of it… it kind of progresses the found footage genre a little bit which I think is really cool.

He goes on to say that Blair Witch starts off feeling like the original movie, only to take things in a crazy new direction:

It’s kind of a recognizable…it’s almost like you’ve been, like kind of a deja vu, but then it turns into just a — like I said, it kinda takes our film and blows the doors off and goes nuts with it, in a really really good way.

John Boyega is keeping busy. He just finished filming Star Wars: Episode 8 and he’s currently filming Kathryn Bigelow’s untitled Detroit riots movie, but he’s already getting ready for his work on Pacific Rim 2. The sequel, which sees Steven S. DeKnight stepping in for Guillermo del Toro, will focus on Boyega as the son of Stacker Pentecost, Idris Elba’s character from the first film. Pacific Rim 2 is set to hit theaters on February 23, 2018.

avatar stephen lang

Stephen Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch may have kicked the bucket at the end of 2009’s Avatar, but he will, somehow, return for the next three sequels James Cameron has been working on for the past seven years. In a new interview at AICN, Lang doesn’t explain exactly how he’ll return from the dead, but he does say he’s read through 75% of the “massive saga” Cameron is building:

We’re getting there. We’re in good shape. We’ll be starting certainly early in the new year. But you know, the thing is, as you can imagine with a film like Avatar, it’s not like the work hasn’t been going on. The design, the production design, the various worlds, and creatures and environments, that’s all being worked on.

Lang also addresses why it has taken so long to get a sequel to the most financially successful movie of all time off the ground. Namely, that James Cameron loves creating complex problems so he can create impossible solutions:

That’s what he’s done, he creates problems in which he then needs to invent a technology and a new way to do it, and I believe that’s part of the quite perverse joy for him in this is creating these seemingly insurmountable problems, and then bringing aboard people who can be helpful and say, “This is what we’ve got to do.” So it’s a massive effort, but I have every expectation because I’m pretty intimately aware of what’s going. It’s going to be an absolute joy to behold.

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