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And now, here is our final interview from the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Today, we bring you our roundtable conversation with Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes, AKA Winter Solider) and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon).

In typical Marvel fashion, the actors were told to reveal nothing to us. This is sometimes frustrating for a journalist on set just trying to figure out what exactly he is watching, but in this case, it’s extremely entertaining. You may not learn much from this interview with Mackie and Stan, but I promise that you will enjoy their antics.


Anthony Mackie: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Avengers 3. My name is Anthony Mackie. This is Sebastian Stan. If you have any questions, direct towards us. We will answer them in a timely fashion. Do not ask anything about the movie because we will not answer. This will go extremely well and you will enjoy.

What’d you think about Wonder Woman?

Sebastian Stan: I haven’t seen it.

Mackie: Loved it. It’s great. Ladies, great job all of you. Great job. I’m very proud of you.

We noticed Bucky isn’t frozen. You’re walking around here. 

Stan: This is where he’s not frozen. That’s good for someone.

What’s he doing in Wakanda? 

Stan: The same thing he was doing in Wakanda the last time you saw him in Wakanda.

Mackie: Hanging out. Eating Wakandanese food.

Stan: Dreaming in his little spacecraft. Well, that’s the last time you saw him, right? So, he’s here taking in the scenery, I guess. And the scenery ain’t great?

Will he be in Black Panther? Because that’ll have come out by the time we run this. 

Mackie: We’ve already told you, we can’t say. I congratulated your people and everything. You’re messing it up.

In between Civil War and Infinity War, has Falcon been with Cap and Widow? 

Mackie: No. We all kind of went on our separate ways after Civil War. We all kind of went on our separate ways and we were in hiding because of everything that happened in Civil War. So now, we get the call to rally, and here we are: Avengers 3.

What are you rallying for? 

Mackie: Freedom. Truth. Social liberties and peace with all men and women.

Stan: And Mel Gibson.

So the villain in this one is Thanos. What can you tell us about Thanos? What does Winter Solider think about him? What does Falcon think about him?

Stan: Winter Soldier is just enjoying his new arm. And that’s really where he’s at.

Mackie: It’s a nice arm. All lubed up and ready to go.

Stan: And he’s learning new information as he goes along.

Your character is a very realistic kind of guy, so what does he think when he hears about this all-powerful being who’s going to kill everyone?

Mackie: One thing about Falcon I’ve always loved since the beginning of discovering this character is his Military background, his belief that his job in life to fight for his fellow man. So when he hears about [Thanos and] his overall idea of world destruction, he’s very disheartened and shaken by it. He’s eager to get into the fight against this super evil, this diabolical demon known as Thanos. Y’all know who’s playing Thanos? Right! Right? I mean when you think of Thanos–

Stan: You think of W. He was so great in that movie.

Mackie: Brolin.

Stan: He’s a great actor.

Winter Soldier’s been through a lot of emotional trauma. Has he had some therapy since Civil War?

Stan: Absolutely. Yes. Definitely. Much more.

So he’s more peppy and perky? 

Stan: I’ll tell you, in the ten pages that I was allowed to read, I didn’t see that.

Mackie: No perk.

Stan: For the other, I don’t know, 90 to 100 pages that are in this film, that I did not read, I have no idea.

How do your characters feel getting back together again, since we know you were best buds?

Stan: This was our first scene reuniting, and I thought it was warm–

Mackie: It was. A warm greeting. I realized he’s had a rough few years. He’s been frozen. I’m black so I haven’t aged. We’re just surprised to see each other again. On a new mission.

Is it another car seat moment?

Mackie: No, no.

Stan: No, but I think we kind of found a good sequel to that–

Mackie: –a good compromise.

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