Tom Whalen War of the Worlds variant

5. Tom Whalen – War of the Worlds, regular and variant (24 x 36, edition of 295 and 100, Dark Hall Mansion)

Tom Whalen’s War of the Worlds, once again, is a case of an artist breaking out of their usual style int something extraordinary. Whalen’s usual style is sleek and simple, using almost the bare minimum of actual drawing to make a perfect representation. But with this poster, he went huge, presenting a sweeping, massive, vibrant look at this legendary movie. This is an image so beautiful and striking that even if you took all the text off you, you’d want it on your wall.

Mark Englert Star Wars

4. Mark Englert  – “I’m Here To Rescue You” (12 x 36, edition of 150, Acme Archives)

Sometimes you just want the most beautiful moments in your favorite movies represented as close to the image on screen as possible. And that’s Mark Englert’s strong suit. The detail crazed artist excels at making sprawling vistas into frame worthy art and what better panoramic shot than the two suns of Tatooine? As a bonus, in the dark, the top image glows with Luke buying his father, summing up the entire character on one poster.

Aaron Horkey Fellowship of the Ring

3. Aaron Horkey – The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring, Regular and Variant (19.25 X 39, edition of 606 and 361, Mondo)

You don’t really know how detailed art can be until you’ve seen the work of Aaron Horkey. The guy is amazing and his poster for Fellowship of the Ring shows exactly that. Horkey takes arguably the films biggest moment – Galdalf vs. the Balrog – and some how makes it bigger, by adding his absolutely mind-melting line work. I haven’t seen this poster in person yet but from the images like this on, I can’t wait.

Laurent Durieux Back to the Future 2 Variant

2. Laurent Durieux – Back to the Future Part II, Regular and Variant (24 x 36, edition of 575, 225, Mondo)

Back to the Future is probably the most used property in pop culture. Which is odd considering very few of the posters have the actor’s faces. So you’re left with basically the Delorean and Laurent Durieux did a trilogy of Back to the Future posters this year showing the DeLorean in various different states. My favorite of the three is the second film, which shows it flying. Besides that already cool image, the colors kind of tease the dual nature of the story, and the rain evokes the cliffhanger ending.

Craig Drake Millennium Falcon variant

1. Craig Drake  – Falcon (24 x 36, edition of 100 -also done on metal – Hero Complex Gallery)

As big a fan of Star Wars as I am, I’m a bigger fan of the Millennium Falcon. And Craig Drake, a former Lucasfilm artist, made the best Falcon poster ever this year. The poster has just enough detail to be recognizable, but just enough sparsitiy to be unique. His composition gives the piece an undeniable movement and energy. It’s so powerful, you can almost hear the hyperdrive while looking at it. There were lots of posters this year, but Drake’s Falcon was my personal perfect cross section of subject, style and beauty.

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