Best Screenprinted Movie Posters of 2014

Screenprinted movie posters continued to explode in 2014. I drool over so many posters every year, it’s very difficult to pick favorites. With movies, at least you know what you like and you don’t like. Why something works and why something doesn’t. Physical art is more subjective. Some art just hits people one way and others another. Such it is with pop culture posters. Maybe I love one subject more than another and that makes the art seem better. Maybe the art is absolutely incredible but, if I don’t connect with the subject, it’s harder to appreciate. Long story short, ranking them in any definitive ways seems futile.

That said, we figured it would be fun to at least call out a few of coolest screenprinted movie posters of 2014. Fifteen personal favorites that stand out, for one reason or another, to me. Posters are are beautiful, unique and make me remember their subject in a new, vivid way. Check out my favorite screenprinted movie posters of 2014 after the jump.

One caveat. Just to make things a bit more fair, I kept my picks only to screenprints. Posters that are individually made by layering one color down at a time. These are usually the most limited and sought after prints in the poster world, but it also just makes the decision that much easier because I can eliminate a ton of wonderful art printed in other ways.

Enough explanation, here are my 15 favorite pop culture posters of 2014

Matt Ferguson Guardians of the Galaxy

15. Matt Ferguson  – Guardians of the Galaxy  (24 x 36, edition of 150, Independent)

The idea was so simple it’s brilliant. Take one of the most iconic Star Wars images and place characters from a Star Wars influenced film in it. The result was one of the year’s most blogged about and reposted posters. Ferguson did a small private print commission of the image so a lucky few have this on their wall. If that’s not you, at least you can appreciate the awesome way the artist represented the year’s biggest comic book film.

Matt Ryan - Angels With Filthy Souls

14. Matt Ryan Tobin – Angels With Filthy Souls (24 x 36, Independent)

Home Alone is one of this generation’s favorite movies and the way Matt Ryan Tobin was able to represent it in a new and different way is just so cool. He took the movie inside the movie and made it into a poster for Home Alone, loading the image with dozens and dozens of nods to the film without directly being a poster for it. It’s a smart, subtle way to pay tribute to one of the biggest comedies in history.

Lora Zombie - Slimer

13. Lora Zombie – Slimer (16 x 20, edition of 300, Gallery 1988)

One of the biggest pop culture art events of 2014 was Gallery 1988’s 30th anniversary show for Ghostbusters. Several major artists did prints based on the classic property but my favorite was probably the most simple. Artist Lora Zombie took everyone’s favorite ghost, Slimer, and made him look like a paint splatter. The idea doubles as being aesthetically beautiful, but also a almost perfectly appropriate representation for the gross characters.

Jacob Bills Star Wars Blue Harvest

12. Jacob Bills – Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy (24 x 36, edition of 30, Independent)

I’m not a Family Guy fan, but I am a Star Wars fan as well as a Tyler Stout fan. So when I saw artist Jacob Bills reimagine Tyler Stout’s highly sought after 2010 Mondo Star Wars trilogy, as the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy, I was stunned. Every image is packed with beautifully illustrated representations of Seth MacFarlane’s characters as their Star Wars counterparts. I can’t imagine a better representation of the specials or ode to Stout’s work.


11. Patrick Connan – This is Berk, Regular and Variant (24 x 36, edition of 165 and 100, Hero Complex Gallery)

Remember this is a personal list. I like that “Kitchen Sink” approach to movie posters and one of my favorites in that vein is this print by Patrick Connan. Created for a special event held at Los Angeles’ Hero Complex Gallery, it’s almost a sin that an image this good is so limited. This film so perfectly captures the characters and tone of the film, it could have been the official one sheet.

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