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She flies a Corellian freighter style ship she calls the Volt Cobra, which she claims is faster than the Millennium Falcon. The ship looks like a sleeker take on the Falcon. Imagine the back half circle of the Falcon with two turrets and a pill-shaped cockpit sticking out of the front.

On board her ship, Han eventually admits to Leia that he did marry Sana on Stennes… but it wasn’t a real marriage. Apparently, it was a charade — a scheme to get back at a crime lord who’d been double-crossing spice smugglers.


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I wouldn’t expect to see the events he describes in the Han Solo movie but, why not, it could happen.

Sana is hired to help rescue Luke Skywalker, who has found some trouble on the infamous moon Nar Shaddaa. It is during this action sequence that Sana almost gets herself killed, but is saved by Leia. Sana immediately admits that she was lying. Her name is not Sana Solo, but Sana Starros and she and Han didn’t really get married. She has been chasing after Han because he supposedly took off with her cut of the robbery when the plan went sour.

She appears to be more hurt by the events than just a deal gone wrong, so it’s possible there was some kind of relationship between the two, although I don’t believe that has been confirmed yet by the comic storyline. We are also given some hints about her mysterious backstory, which apparently includes some history with Dr. Aphra, who allegedly “stabbed her in the back” over some former flame. Could it have been Han? If not, then whom? We also know that she really hates droids for some reason. I could never trust anyone who hates droids.

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The Star Wars comic book series is still ongoing, and Sana continues to be a central character in the new issues. I’m sure we’ll learn more about her in the upcoming months and years, but for right now she is very much a mystery. We know that she’s almost an echo of Han at the beginning of the original trilogy, a smuggler operating outside the law who seems to care mostly about herself. She doesn’t trust Han anymore, and why should she? She is hurt, angry and badass. We are starting to see a bit of her character arc present itself with her bonding more with Princess Leia, who is slowly showing her the value of caring for others and being part of a team.

As for who she may have been ten or twenty years prior, who knows. If Sana Starros is the female character in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, it will likely be as a romantic interest of some kind. With Lando in the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a love triangle or some complication of that sort. Since the character was first revealed as a possible former love interest of Han Solo, a lot of fans have speculated that Sana Starros might be the mother of Finn (John Boyega‘s character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens), although I hate to even entertain the idea. We need this universe to be bigger, not smaller.

In the comics, the character is tough and cool, a strong female character like Rey in The Force Awakens and Jyn in Rogue One. But does every female lead in the new Star Wars universe need to be an independent badass right off the bat? I think it would be interesting to see this character start out as something different and come into her own through the events of the adventure.

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