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Last night, Saturday Night Live kicked off their 43rd season with host Ryan Gosling returning for his second time as host. Gosling’s first time hosting SNL resulted in some fantastic sketches, and while there were a couple sketches that were truly great, the season premiere overall felt rather lackluster. The cast certainly put their best foot forward, but this episode felt like a shaky beginning for the late night sketch series.

The good news is Kate McKinnon continues to prove why she won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Ryan Gosling is adorable when he can’t stop giggling (which happened a lot this time), and Emma Stone popped in for a hot minute. Join us below as we run through the best and worst sketches from the Ryan Gosling-hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Papyrus – It’s kind of a miracle that this sketch even exists, because the focus of this pre-recorded sketch is something so minuscule that you wouldn’t think it warrants something like this. But that’s actually what makes the sketch so great. It’s almost as if this sketch was created just for the cinephile and graphic design crowd. It’s just perfect.

Another Close Encounter – When this sketch first started, I was certain that this wouldn’t live up to the original close encounter sketch that Kate McKinnon’s unfortunate character first appeared in. The attempts to replicate the magic of that sketch with other hosts had amusing results but nothing close to that first time. But as soon as Kate McKinnon started playing with Ryan Gosling’s ass, even thrusting her face into it as the actor continually laughed, that’s when this became a great follow-up.

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